On June 14, 2020 By Patrick

Addison Rae's TikTok Follower-Count Gets Her to Second! Well, Among Other Events

Amidst so many things, or controversies so to say, Addison Rae has topped up to second in the TikTok follower-count rankings. It took a long time, but she's surpassed Zach...
On June 13, 2020 By Patrick

Ray Ciccarelli

Isn't it in almost everyone's mind who Ray Ciccarelli is first rather than why he left NASCAR just because his farewell post went viral on social media? Yeah, when that...
On June 6, 2020 By Patrick

Olivia Ponton

Olivia Ponton is not just a social media star, or just the girlfriend of a Sway House LA member Kio Cyr who's trying to make it as a model, but...
On June 6, 2020 By Patrick

Edward Lawrence

Not to be confused with another Edward Lawrence, a BBC Camera Journalist based in China. Or any other who is not a Fox Business reporter. Not many are applauded for...
On June 5, 2020 By Patrick

Julie Nolke Is Back with Her Pandemic Video Sequel with Rapid Subscriber-Rise on YouTube

Main Article: Julie Nolke's Profile "You know 2020's bad if this has become a series." This comment is lost somewhere in the comments of Julie Nolke's new video on YouTube...

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