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Apr 6, 2020 @ 17:26 EDT
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We're talking about the notorious Vitaly Zdorovetskiy's former associate here. Of course, Reader/Viewer Discretion is Advised.

The UEFA Champions League final was one of the most memorable stunts Kinsey Wolanski attempted and ultimately the most lucrative one. But since breaking up with ex-boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, known for his over-the-top 18+ stunts, she was thought to have faded away. Of course, breaking her ankle due to that skydiving accident put her in the back seat. But she is coming back to the scene since announcing her intro into clubhouse.

Born on August 30, 1997 [age 22], Kinsey's parents weren't all that furious at her when she invaded the Madrid pitch. Her dad, Daniel Wolanski, was rather glad she at least wore a swimsuit. And there's really no need to introduce her, unless you've been living under the rock or something.

Kinsey Wolanski in a rare decent outfit.It's hard to find a decent picture from Kinsey Wolanski.
Photo Source: Kinsey Wolanski, Instagram

Wolanski is an excellent addition to the team Daisy Keech [net worth: $600,000] has thoughtfully selected for clubhouse, as the female members have a similar flair. But it's the fans that her stunts bring about, with many of them all over the world, that she brings to the table, a global presence for the entire group.

Kinsey Wolanski's Net Worth of $900,000

As of April 2020, Insta influencer and stunt enthusiast Kinsey Wolanski possesses an estimated net worth of $900,000. The earning comes from her association with ex-boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and the popularity she gains on social media with her stunts & pranks, which ultimately means more sponsorship and partnership deals.

Kinsey Wolanski centered with Daisy Keech and Abby Rao standing beside her in tennis costume.The formation of a terrific blond trio, perhaps? Daisy Keech, Wolanski & Abby Rao.
Photo Source: Kinsey Wolanski, Instagram

Streaking at the Champions League final, the thing that "raised her profile", was said to have been worth between $3.8 million to $6 million according to various different "experts". She did that keeping in mind that she'd already decided to retire by the age of 30 and had to earn it. But where did it all go?

The Value of the Champions League Streaking Was Actually the Earnings from Vitaly's Adult Website

Zdorovetskiy is better known for ruining almost every possible major sports tournaments in the world, among several other not-so-decent stunts he's pulled off. He invaded the pitch during the 2014 World Cup final, and as a result, he was banned from all football stadiums. But only he was banned. His then-girlfriend, Wolanski, was not.

Still, Zdorovetskiy got into the Champions League 2018/19 final (Liverpool vs. Tottenham Hotspur on June 1, 2019) at Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid, with a disguise, of course. Yeah, the beard was fake as he screamed, "That's my f**king girlfriend," in the stands while filming it. The main reason why he made her do that was to promote his adult website, Vitaly Uncensored. The words were imprinted across the only black swimsuit she wore. Of course, it gained the attention of literally every major media site in Spain and especially the UK.

Kinsey Wolanski in the midst of streaking in the Champions League finale.Promoting Zdorovetskiy's website did wonders for her net worth as well.
Photo Credit: Louis Wood, The Sun

As she got wide-eyed stares from the players on the ground, the follower-number on Instagram boomed, with the influx of followers including some of them as well. But she had to delete the account, claiming it was hacked, or reportedly shut down by the platform itself. Nonetheless, she gained 2 million followers from just 300,000 followers while spending five hours locked in a Spanish jail cell. She claimed Spurs' Harry Winks was distracted by her and also boasted a ceremonial final ticket given by a UEFA official.

Meanwhile, Vitaly's website gained a total of over 32 million registered users afterward, with the Instagram account gaining 10 million followers. In terms of money numbers, the website raked in over £3 million (~$3.7 million) in advertising. Yeah, not all of it went to Wolanski. Meanwhile, her fine was just £13,000 (~$16,000) as she walked out of the police station with her bottoms slapped by Zdorovetskiy uttering the words, "That a** is famous now."

She believed it was her smartest move ever, as per her plans to retire by 30 by earning as much as she can in the meantime. Yes, she wasn't done.

By the time I’m 30 I plan on making enough money to retire, and streaking at the Champions League will only help me achieve that.

Zdorovetskiy had a way to make people do stuff, as his mother, Elena Vulitsky, tried to invaded the 2019 Cricket World Cup final between England and New Zealand, in order to promote his website again.

The Relationship Ended in Good Terms but Seemingly Included a "Big" Mistake from Vitaly

For the time they were together, they were considered couple goals, not the ideal type but couple goals nonetheless. She was into stunts, and he was into X-rated pranks. But when they started becoming partners-in-crime, the puzzle pieces matched together. Zdorovetskiy was so into her that he had plans to marry her. And when they broke up, the Russian-American knew what he said and professed it was never going to happen.

They started dating in early 2018 and continued on their pranking life, perfecting every single thing about each other. But an abrupt announcement came of the mutual breakup in early 2019 from both the people involved, despite Kinsey Wolanski not wanting to do the announcement with the knowledge of how social media brings about a lot of "opinions" regarding a relationship with a controversial personality.

An aerial photo of Vitaly and Kinsey Wolanski within a heart symbol carved in the sand by the beach.The breakup was mutual, according to the two.
Photo Source: Kinsey Wolanski, Instagram

"Social media is a weird place. A place where people have an opinion about every angle of your life. I want to include all of you in every step of my life but it’s not always easy. I always want to put on a brave face but behind closed doors I have been hurting. I didn’t want to take this to social media but he believes differently," she wrote on Instagram.

However, when picking up related pieces from their individual posts, it seems Zdorovetskiy made some kind of mistake in their relationship that made her "walk away" from his lifestyle. Of course, it was bound to happen, but it must've been an extreme kind as his lifestyle is quite exclusive.

"Everyone makes mistakes but it’s finally time for me to walk away," she mentioned as the biggest hint of their breakup. Still, she professed she had much love for him and wished him the best for the future.

As for Vitaly's words, "I got caught up in this life and I’ll be honest with you guys I made some mistakes, mistakes I will regret for the rest of my life because I lost the girl I thought would be the mother of my kids. Kins you deserve the world and I am so sorry."

They were asking people to respect their privacy. But Wolanski has a new event to look forward to. She's joined clubhouse, with Abby Rao [net worth: $200,000] and Chase Keith [net worth: $300,000] already the confirmed members.

She Was Already a Model for Major Exotic Magazines

The amount of Instagram followers she gained before streaking into the football ground was because of her already-established career as a model. The American had already featured in Maxim, Sports Illustrated, and FHM while getting a cover feature for the Boulevard Magazine (BLVD) and two nationwide commercials.

Kinsey Wolanski for Sports Illustrated.Wolanski was already an accomplished model before that streaking stunt.
Photo Source: Sports Illustrated

But it was during a visit to Los Angeles that she was asked to model for the first time; it seems from pure luck. And then she also finished eighth in Miss Jetset 2017, while also being great friends with Jamie Thornton, another Sports Illustrated model.

Social Media Earnings

The Champions League streaking fame did numbers to her social media presence, literally. Of course, her Instagram account was deleted after that, but she still has a considerable amount on her new page. And in case you didn't notice, she's also got a TikTok account.


Yeah, you've already followed her on Instagram, probably. Her exotic posts give only but a glimpse of her lifestyle as she herself is a really private person. And of course, you didn't just scroll past her and Demi Rose's photo without any clothes on basking in the sunlight.

Kinsey Wolanski in the Grand Canyon.For 'Pretty Little Things'.
Photo Source: Kinsey Wolanski, Instagram

At the time of writing, Wolanski's got 3.7 million followers on her page, Kinsey, and having posted about 370 times, she earns an average of around $10,000 from each of those posts through sponsorships and endorsements, primarily Bang Energy and Fashion Nova.


Of course, she needs a YouTube channel to upload all her videos and clip of the pranks and stunts that she & her team pull off. And she's got one.

Watch: Yeah, She's Lost Some Money Too

With over 83,000 subscribers and 27 videos on her channel, Kinsey, she earns an average of around $600 for each of those. Of course, it is through sponsorships.


Yeah, she pretty active on TikTok, as well, but not as popular. She's got just over 60,000 followers on her account, Kinsey Wolanski, and has posted only about 40 times. So, it might take a while before she earns big bucks through sponsorships on TikTok. Clubhouse BH is the department responsible for that for now. And she's making the most out of the lockdown in there.

@kinseywolanskiCan’t be bored in this house ? @abbyrao @lesliehannahbelle @clubhousebh♬ BORED IN THE HOUSE - Curtis Roach

Yeah... Bored in the house.

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