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Dec 24, 2020 @ 18:57 EST
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Grab all details of popular Youtuber, content creator, and influencer Fun Bros Bio-wiki, career, net worth, age, clips, merch, and more.

We have always been fascinated with the fun-filled content Funk Bros has shared us with. His videos are no less than Logan Paul's content and give away and fun-filled than Mr. Beast. But do we know him well, behind the YouTube contents? So in order to know all of that here, we present you with all the details of Fun Bros member  Corey Funk.

Who is Corey Funk? Age, Parents

Corey Fun is an American vlogger, YouTuber, and content creator who was born on June 10, 1996. He is famous as being a YouTuber and shares Gemini as his star sign. He was born to father Robert Fun and mother Kimberly Ann Funk a shares

Who is Funk Bro?

If you guys' have been following the channel then you might already know about the 6.24 million followers-filled YouTube channel 'Funk Bros'. The Entertainment channel was formed by Corey Funk, alongside his brother Capron Funk and cousin Tyler on November 10, 2015.

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Their first ever video was where Corey and Capron share their scootering skills at the Pro Scooter Hit Series and since then they have been posting non-stop fun content. And fast forward to 2020, their channel has grown big with a total of 797 uploads.

Besides his Vloggin life, Corey Funk is a professional SMX rider. By now you guys already know that he runs a popular YouTube channel called ‘Funk Bros’ alongside his brother Capron and cousin Tyler. Known for sharing videos, such as pro scooter tricks, trampoline fillings. Matter of fact back in 2015, Funk was even regarded as the No.1 competitor in ISA USA National Championship.

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A true multi-tasker, Corey has balance both his passion and profession, he is professional carrying his scooter-riding career and also managing to handle his million subscribe million YouTube account. With millions of followers on his collaborative channel, Funk has earned much recognition on social media.

Funk Bros Net Worth - YouTube, Advertisement, Merchandise

Accounting for Funk Bros' Corey Funk's success from YouTube channel and other social media platforms, Corey Funk's net worth is estimated to be around $3 Million per reports from NailBuzz Mag.


Self-made Millionaire.
Image Source: Instagram (@corey.funk)

And to assure it, Haze even stalked to his YouTube and Instagram handle @Corey Funk. And we came up with some reports! As per social media worth calculating site Social Blade, Corey Fun who has amassed 626k followers on YouTube earns $1.1k to $17.6k monthly & $13.2k-$211.5k  earnings.

Wait it's just his solo Youtube channel earnings, Corey is also baggin' a good amount of fortune from his other YouTube channel Funk Bros which earns an estimated monthly earning of $4k -$64.1k to $48k-$768.7k per year.

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So accounting all his incomes, plus extra advertisement income, Merchandise Corey Fun's net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. We hope you enjoyed the article, for more Net Worth related articles on your beloved celebrities make sure to visit Celeb$ Fortune.

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