On November 27, 2022 By Chloe Sanchez

Kat Hixson

Kathleen Hixson (b. April 29, 2000) popular as Kat Hixson is an aspiring American Instagram influencer, YouTuber, and TikTok content creator. She is best known for her lip sync videos...
On November 25, 2022 By Chloe Sanchez

Melissa Collazo

Netflix has given breaks to many actors who were struggling in the entertainment industry and Melissa Ellen Collazo or Mellissa Collazo (b. July 15, 2000) is also one of them....
On November 24, 2022 By Chloe Sanchez

Emily Alexander

Emily Michelle Alexander aka Emily Alexander (b. March 23, 2000) is an aspiring American YouTuber and social media influencer who is popular for her fashion blogs, pranks, challenges, and clothing...
On November 22, 2022 By Chloe Sanchez

Katarina "Kato" Wittich

Katarina Wittich aka Kato Wittich is a director, producer, screenwriter, certified Rosen Practitioner, Yuen Practitioner, Family Constellations facilitator, Registered Play Therapist(RPT), as well as Conscious Dance facilitator. She has contributed more...
On November 20, 2022 By Chloe Sanchez

Caroline Ricke

"Some have beauty, others have brains. I have both" says Caroline Ricke (b.May 20, 1999) or Rich Caroline who has been ruling the internet with funny parody videos that showcase...
On November 17, 2022 By Chloe Sanchez

Billy "8illy"

Billy (b. December 25, 2000) aka 8illy is a Korean-American TikToker, YouTuber, and influencer best known for his comedy skits and parody videos. But more than that he is best...
On November 13, 2022 By Chloe Sanchez

Drew Beilfuss

With Caleb Burton's disappearance from social media and Mason Fulp leaving the AMP squad, Brent Rivera has now found a new person, Drew Beilfuss (b. July 13, 2001) as their...
On November 9, 2022 By Chloe Sanchez

Logan Wodzynski

Logan Wodzynski (b. September 9, 2000) is an aspiring American YouTuber, TikTok content creator, and social media influencer best known for his comedy videos and dance moves on his TikTok...
On November 6, 2022 By Chloe Sanchez

Luis Freitag

Luis Freitag (b. November 15, 1999) wanted to be a cab driver but ended up being one of the most popular German TikToker. Yes, you heard it right, Luis who...
On October 30, 2022 By Chloe Sanchez

Evangeline Lomelino

If you are a regular user of TikTok and Instagram, then you might have heard about a number of child social media icons who have been ruling the internet. In...
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