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On May 10, 2023 By Chloe Sanchez

Kathleen Munroe

With a passion for acting that's as fiery as the sun, Kathleen Marie Sammon Munroe, now Kathleen Munroe Blumenthal (b. April 9, 1982), has captured the hearts of many with...
On May 1, 2023 By Chloe Sanchez

Xavier Clyde

Xavier Clyde Scott aka Xavier Clyde (b. 2002) is an emerging star who has already created a name for himself on the big screen within a short time. Despite being...
On April 24, 2023 By Chloe Sanchez

Quavo Girlfriend 2023: Who Has the Rapper Dated in the Past?

After being apart for two years, Quavo has finally moved on from his ex-girlfriend, Saweetie, as of 2023. People have believed him to be dating influencer Erica Fontaine for a...
On April 15, 2023 By Chloe Sanchez

Jaden Smith Girlfriend 2023: Who Is Sab Zada?

As of 2023, Jaden Smith's girlfriend is an American model, Sab Zada. The couple has yet to talk and give an update about their relationship, but they have been seen...
On April 9, 2023 By Chloe Sanchez

Is Christina Trevanion Pregnant? 2023 Update!

Christina Trevanion is not pregnant. She is not expecting a child in 2023, as evidenced by her recent photos, which show no sign of a baby bump. She already has...
On April 5, 2023 By Chloe Sanchez

Melanie Martinez Boyfriend 2023: Is She Dating BF Verde?

As of 2023, Melanie Martinez's boyfriend is Justin Greenwood, aka Verde. The couple is said to have been dating since 2020 and has been photographed numerous times in public spending...
On March 17, 2023 By Chloe Sanchez

Christopher Briney

Christopher Briney (b March 24, 1998) is an aspiring American television and film actor and director who rose to fame for his notable role as Conrad Fisher in the hit...
On February 28, 2023 By Chloe Sanchez

Adelaine Morin

Adelaine Morin (b. January 28, 1998) is a well-known Canadian YouTuber who has amassed a significant following through her fashion and beauty-focused content. Born to Bernadette Morin and Randy Morin...
On February 27, 2023 By Chloe Sanchez

Sean Kaufman

Sean Kaufman is a rising star in the world of acting, known for his natural talent and captivating performances. Born on June 22, 2000, in the United States, Sean went...
On February 27, 2023 By Chloe Sanchez

Kylie Rae Hall

Break-up may leave an indescribable scar in everyone's life but for Kylie Rae Hall (b. July 14, 1992) aka Kylie Hall, it was more than that. She not only had to go...
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