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Indi Star About to release new song

Indi Star Hitting Up the Studio Following ‘Just Might Dance’ & ‘Lulla Bye Bye’

Versatile actress, youtuber, Tiktoker & singer Indi Star is hitting up the studio for another hit song following her late 2019 hit track 'Just Might…
addison rae #1

Pop Your Eyes Out: Addison Rae Earned $5 million in a Year from TikTok, The Highest Ever, According to Forbes’ One-of-a-Kind List

Most possibly in honor of TikTok's queen Charli D'Amelio making a landmark of a year into the video-syncing app, Forbes has released its first-ever list…
Jophie Real of not

What of Jophie Now That Sophie Fergi Is Taking a Break & Parting the Squad?

Sophie Fergi is back with another video, and this might be the last one in quite a while from her. And what happens to Jophie?…
Net Worth of Every Sway House LA Member & Who’s Dating Who? | Celeb$fortune

Net Worth of Every Sway House LA Member Ever, And Who’s Dating Who

Despite the variations in net worth, the Sway House guys don't act like they have less of anything. Sway House LA is a TikTok collaborative…
charli surgery dixie d’amelio morphe line

Charli & Dixie D’Amelio to Launch Their Own Makeup Line, Among Other Events in Their Lives

We're gonna assume The Cut didn't just call Charli D'Amelio's new venture a "breakup revenge" and move forward with the fact that you know how…

WitchTok Drama, What’s Going on Tik Tok? Why Some Groups are Trying Hex the Moon?

So, if you are wondering about WitchTok Drama, who is trying to hex the moon, hex the fae,  and who are baby witches, here's everything.…
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