Montero Lamar Hill (Lil Nas X)

Nov 28, 2019 @ 19:30 EST

"I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road, I'm gonna ride till I can't No More!" - Lil Nas X, the young self-made Millionaire with his Tik-Tok, 2019 viral hit song 'Old Town Road', did not just make us all mumble, but created a legacy of being one of its own genre & a never before Cowboy-Hip-Hop fusion to date.

Lil Nas X, fo real Montero Lamar Hill, 'Aries, made headlines for slaying the US Billboard Hot 100 for nineteen weeks straight. Yeah, you probably are anxious 'bout how much Dollars he made despite all this fame and popularity. Behold as we have got the in-depth details.

Lil Nas X 'Old Town Road' All Earnings

The song, Old Town Road, which went viral by the Yeehaw Agenda meme has been streamed hundreds of millions of time, breaking Drake record for most US streams in one week with 143 Millions.

Millions from Streams

Billboard Old Town Road

Number #1
SOURCE: Billboard

Signed with Columbia Records in March of 2019, he definitely had to share the surplus from the song with lots of partners - other artists like Billie Ray Cyrus get the share and, of course, Producer Young Kio. As per reports, the singer gets paid an average of 12% of the grand total money the song made. Well, Old Town Road holds a record of 1.5 Billion audio and video streams.

As per reports, Spotify and Apple Music pay around $0.006 - $0.0084 cents per stream, which takes the average total to $10.8 Million from streams.

So, if he takes a share of roughly 12%, it will give a result of $1,296,000.  One the same token, coming to its physical sales like iTunes,  where a song cost around $2 to help him make around $100,000.

As per reports of influencermarketinghub, since the channel is not in its top-notch moment, X's YouTube earning per video is around $381,029 multiplying with a total of 5 videos made around $2 Million. To be clear, we are taking the lowest value on average, Nas and his team might make around $5 Million from Old Town Road. The channel now has a +2.25 M subscriber growth in the last 90 days.

He's done over 50 shows, where a rising mainstream artist is paid around $30k- $50k per show. Nas made around $200k in average sum.

Lil Nas X Net Worth

Lil Nas X aka Montero Lamar Hill, Net Worth

Dropped out of the college, started doing music, and Everybody thought I was Crazy.
SOURCE: Lil Nas X Twitter

Accounting all the above calculations, Lil Nas X  is riding a $3 Million sag on his horseback. His other two singles from 7 EPs such as Panini, Rodeo, c7osure, headlines for being the core song of the part of an LGBTQ confession. It helped Nas pile up some bands of $100.

Meanwhile... Lil Nas X is enjoying his lavish life with his Benjamin Franklins wbu?

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