Melanie Bracewell Partner: Is She Married? Who Is Her Husband?

May 12, 2023 @ 23:44 EDT
Melanie Bracewell Partner: Is She Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Melanie Bracewell doesn't have a partner in 2023. People have been curious and are speculating that she is dating someone after they saw her at NZ Comedy Gala 2023 where she talked about her boyfriend but the comedian has not announced the relationship and neither gave anyone's name so it's safe to assume she is single. The fans have also been speculating that she is dating Tim McDonald but the news is untrue as Tim is already married.

Have you guys seen Melanie Bracewell at NZ Comedy Gala 2023? The NZ Comedy Gala is a boisterous, mayonnaise-adorned affair in which the audience is treated to a genuine mob of comedians and they entertain the audience with jokes, and Melaine was also there this year. The 27-year-old comedian really cracked the audience with her jokes and sense of humor at NZ Comedy Gala 2023. The audience seemed to adore her and they loved her on the stage.

It's challenging to stand out in a gathering that includes more than a dozen of Aotearoa's most well-known comedians, as well as a few foreigners for good measure. At NZ Comedy Gala, comedians get six minutes to shine regardless of their status and they have to entertain the crowd with their jokes in that given time. Melanie Bracewell used a combination of charismatic awkwardness and humorously cruel cautions to potential hecklers in order to energize a crowd of 2000 spectators.

Following Melanie's appearance at NZ Comedy Gala 2023, the viewers have been curious about Melanie Bracewell and her personal life including who her partner is in 2023. Well, let's discuss who the comedian is dating currently.

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Melanie Bracewell Doesn’t Have a Partner in 2023: The News about the Comedian Dating Tim McDonald Is Also Untrue!

Melanie Bracewell (@melaniebracewell) has been in the spotlight in 2023 since the comedian talked about her boyfriend at NZ Comedy Gala 2023 but Bracewell has not mentioned any particular name of whom she is dating and neither she has announced that she is dating anyone right now. So, the comedian dating someone is just mere speculation made by fans after watching the video.

Melanie Bracewell is a New Zealand comedian, actress, and scriptwriter who is most well-known as a broadcaster in The Cheap Seats. The comedian really caught the attention of the audience when Bracewell twitted a screenshot of a sexually explicit message that she said was sent out of the blue by a member of the Reddit cricketing community in 2019.

Later, a Reddit member discovered a post from Bracewell in a forum asking for sexual messages. Bracewell was then contacted by a moderator from the Reddit cricketing community who requested information on the sender of the private message. Later, she expressed regret and said her tweet was a jest. She received feedback following her apologies, with some accusing her of lying about sexual harassment and making stereotypes of Indians.

There are other rumors and controversies about Melanie in addition to this controversy. For instance, Melanie is also suspected of dating her The Cheap Seats co-worker, Tim McDonald (@timmcdonaldwastaken) but the news is untrue as Tim is married to Deion and he married Deion in maximum security prison where she is currently serving a life sentence without the chance of parole for felony murder.

Melanie Bracewell and Tim McDonald are not dating.Melanie Bracewell and Tim McDonald are not dating.
Source: Celebs Fortune

The 27-year-old comedian doesn't share much information about her personal life and she has not publicly announced that she has ever been in a relationship to date. It's common for celebrities to keep their personal life private and Bracewell has really done a great job of keeping her dating life private.

Melanie Bracewell did however recently talk about her boyfriend at NZ Comedy Gala 2023 and at the Gala, she claimed that she has a boyfriend. The 27-year-old comedian then shared that it's great having a boyfriend and she was getting very desperate. Then Bracewell made a joke that she used to get attached to men so easily including her Uber driver so it's really not sure if the comedian was joking or serious.

The fans have been speculating and they have their own theories after watching the video. Some think that Bracewell is secretly seeing someone and she is not mentioning whom she is dating currently and the fact that she brought up the topic of boyfriend makes it more believable. Some think the comedian was just being humorous and was trying to entertain the crowd and she was just saying a fictional story in the video.

Well, even if it is true that Bracewell is dating someone she has not mentioned anyone's name and she has also not publicly announced that she is dating anyone right now so, we can safely assume that she is single in 2023.

Melanie Bracewell Shared Her Tinder Dating Struggles: The Comedian Replied Quite Strongly after the Man’s Sexist Opening Line!

At the start of 2021, Melanie Bracewell was in the spotlight after she shared her Tinder dating struggles just hours after trying it again and her experience on Tinder. The comedian was really shocked by the rude texts from men which she replied being rude obviously and she went viral at the time.

A single woman opened out about her humorous dating struggles after her return to Tinder didn't go as planned. New Zealand-born comedian Melanie Bracewell published a TikTok video of her chat conversation with a prospective date, which quickly became popular.

After expressing his super like for then 25-year-old comedian on the dating app, the man complimented her on her sense of humor, saying,

For a woman, you're pretty funny.

which Bracewell found quite offensive and responded,

Shut the f*** up b****

In the video, Bracewell claimed that she had returned to Tinder and that she was struggling with it. She also described how she responded to the man's opening line quite angrily. Many agreed with Melanie's response, saying the man deserved it after making the pretty sexist remark, while others just found the joke to be humorous.

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