The Story Behind Michèle Lamy's Teeth: From Necessary Fillings to Fashion Statements

Jan 23, 2024 @ 7:16 EST
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The Story Behind Michèle Lamy's Teeth: From Necessary Fillings to a Fashion Statement | Celeb$fortune 2024

Unveil the intriguing journey of Parisian fashion icon Michèle Lamy as we delve into the unexpected fusion of dentistry and high fashion, exploring the story behind her distinctive gold-plated teeth and diamond-studded adornments.

Michèle Lamy, the Parisian entrepreneur and fashion icon, is renowned for her avant-garde style, but one element of her appearance stands out remarkably—her teeth.

This unique and unconventional aspect of Lamy's fashion choices goes beyond mere dentistry; it's a deliberate and expressive statement that reflects her bold and creative approach to personal adornment.

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Early Origins of Michèle Lamy's "Shiny" Teeth in LA

Lamy's dental journey began in Los Angeles, where she and her husband, Rick Owens, called home after she moved in 1979. In the '90s, she found herself facing a seemingly mundane dental task—changing the mercury in her backfillings.

Enter a "New Age" dentist with a ponytail, offering an unconventional approach, easily convincing her to embrace gold-plated teeth. In her own words from an interview with AnOther Magazine in October 2022, "It all started in LA, the teeth... I learned I had to change the mercury in my backfillings. I found this 'new age,' as I call him, dentist with a ponytail, and this guy was using a pendulum to see what alloy I should have for my teeth."

From Fillings to Gold Teeth

Lamy's initial decision wasn't just about functionality; it was a conscious step into the realm of wearable art. Faced with the expense of the procedure, she opted for more than invisible fillings. She chose gold—an unmistakable statement of luxury.

Michele Lamy posing for a photo for Interview Magazine showing her gold teeth with her hands on her cheeks and eyes closes.
Photo Credit: Mario Sorrenti, Interview Magazine

As she humorously recounts in the aforementioned interview, "It was so expensive, I didn’t want to have nothing to show for it." Thus, the transformation began with her first gold tooth implanted, followed by a series of others, each adorned with diamonds.

Unlike conventional dental accessories, Lamy's gold teeth are not a removable grill. They are an integral part of her identity, to the extent that she sleeps with them in. This commitment to her dental fashion underlines the fusion of art and personal expression in her life.

The Diamond Detail

The addition of diamonds wasn't merely for sparkle; it was a meticulous choice that went beyond aesthetics. In the interview, Lamy shared, "These little diamonds, for the light. To your soul – or your intestine, I don’t know. Maybe both." This intricate detail not only added a touch of glamour but underscored her belief in the transformative power of personal adornment.

Lamy understands the financial aspect of having it all done, for obvious reasons. But she kept putting in pieces of jewelry in her teeth one after another. "But of course, the fillings I had went way back, and I said, ‘Oh my god, I spent all this money and I cannot even see them,’” Lamy told The Cut in 2015. “So then I finished my teeth in the front. And then I want another one and then I want another one."

The Evolution: From Dentistry to Fashion Accessory

What began as a necessity evolved into a distinctive style choice, transcending the realms of traditional dentistry. Lamy's gold and diamond-studded teeth became emblematic of her fearless approach to fashion and self-expression. This transformation serves as a testament to her willingness to turn ordinary tasks into extraordinary opportunities for creativity.

Lamy's teeth are not just dental work; they are a convergence of fashion and dentistry. Her choice to embellish her teeth with precious metals and gems challenges the conventional boundaries of both fields. Lamy doesn’t just wear her jewelry; she integrates it into her very being.

Beyond her dental adventures, Michèle Lamy's exotic fashion choices extend to every facet of her appearance. Even at almost 80, her style, often described as "gothic priestess," incorporates unique elements that defy conventional norms. From face tattoos to gold-plated teeth, each choice is a deliberate step into the realm of wearable art.

In the world of Michèle Lamy, fashion isn't just about clothing—it's a canvas for self-expression, where every accessory, including her distinctive teeth, tells a story of creativity, boldness, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is considered conventional or acceptable in the realm of personal adornment.

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