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Nov 2, 2019 @ 8:26 EDT
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Some are recognized for their hard work and dedication, while others are recognized for their high profile image. In the same situation, we are talking about Micki Velton net worth, the former wife of Jerry Springer, a politician, comedian, director, author, and musician.

Velton has kept all her personal information away from the public and media and in fact, is a private woman. But we've got you with all Micki's report and her incredible wealth.

Micki Velton Holds a Long Digit Net Worth of $12 Million

Micki Velton Net Worth, Bio, MarriageLearn Micki Velton Net Worth 
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Micki is the pride owner of £10 million fortune, which is around $12.94 million. She garnered such a tremendous amount of wealth mostly from her multi-millionaire husband and some from her work in a multinational company.

Velton was formally employed at American multinational consumer good corporation, 'Proctor & Gamble', where the mean salary for its employee ranges between $20,821 a year and $133,842 a year per contractor.

Although Micki is not involved in shows and politics, she holds an impressive amount of net worth - all credited to her millionaire former husband. So, let's dig into and find out details about Jerry's financial status,

Million Band From Former Husband Jerry Springer's Net Worth

Micki Velton with ex-husband Jerry Springer shares a 43-year-old daughter Katie Springer.

As reports by The Sun, Jerry Springer holds an estimated fortune of £32 million; He made most of the money during his time in politics and from entertainment media being a producer and actor.

Some of his produced TV series is 'Judge Jerry,' 'Ringmaster,' and 'The Jerry Springer Show.'

Jerry also holds 36 acting credits where some of his notable movies are, And the Winner isCitizen Verdict, Sharknado 3, and The Defender.

The couple walked down the aisle back on 1973, but after Micki found Springer cheating on her with an extramarital affair, she filed for divorce and parted their ways on 1994 after 21 years of a marital relationship.

The former partners met each other while Micki was working for Proctor and Gamble. She definitely holds a tragic story for their split, but on the positive, she got freedom alongside a big full of millions of dollars from alimony.

So with such big million numbers, Micki is enjoying her lavish life topped up with luxuries.

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