Venus Morris Griffin

Mar 6, 2022 @ 3:15 EST

Venus Morris Griffin is a Georgia-based personality, a real estate agent, motivational speaker, and author. She hosts her podcast, Life Beyond Abuse With Venus Morris Griffin. The realtor is the coordinator of a named scholarship given to students who face adversity of their parent or guardian's incarceration.

When she isn't selecting students for scholarships or selling houses, Griffin is working on plans for publication. The title is not released yet, and she has informed her followers that she is working out the details with her Hollywood agent. Griffin came to the spotlight podcasting Life Beyond Abuse regarding her married life. 

Venus was born on May 31, 1972, in Waldorf, Maryland, and grew up in the streets of her hometown. She completed her schooling at Maurice J. McDonough High School and attended the University of South Carolina, where she met her future ex-husband and story subject, John "Tripp" Morris. Morris follows Christianity and her sun sign is Gemini. She stands at the height of 5'5" tall, her eye color is brown, hair color is blonde.

Married Life of Venus Morris Griffin

Venus's ex-husband Tripp Morris raised seven children with her, ranging in age from one to 15 years old when she discovered her husband cheating her with prostitutes. John Morris, Alexis Morris, Sydney Morris, Elle Morris, Charles Morris, Julia Morris, and Hannah Lou Griffin are her seven children from her ex-husband.

Venus Morris Griffin (second from left) with her father (far left) and all her seven children.Her motto in all her family photos is, "Always surround yourself with people you love!"
Photo Source: Venus Morris Griffin, Instagram

However, her husband was sentenced to 45 years in prison in a matter of months. Venus was left alone in the house with her seven children after seeing her husband in jail, with nothing and drowning in debts. But she didn't give up and started working to help her pay the bills and feed her children.

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The motivational speaker mentions meeting her husband Tripp at the University of South Carolina in the 1980s, with whom she created a years-long story that she shared on social media in March 2022. She described her husband as the most attentive personality in the world, capable of making one feel special as she described her and her ex-husband Tripp's first date, which took place at a golf tournament in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Tripp, she claims, can make you fall in love with him, and he was the first to propose to her.

How Venus Morris Griffin Shares Her Story After Over a Decade of the Incident

Venus Morris Griffin, who went viral in March 2022, appeared to tell the story of her marriage. Her marriage was the most tragic period of her life as she had seven children and divorced. She posted about her marriage's difficulties on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. The immediate reactions from her fans piqued their interest in learning more about her.

Venus Morris Griffin (left) with her convicted ex-husband John "Tripp" Morris (right) in their marriage attires during their wedding dance.The story starts with a charismatic college boy.
Photo Source: Humans of New York, Facebook

The mother of seven children started a blog called Humans of New York, where she shared her life story and the lessons she learned from her marriage in a 13-part series all over social media. She explained how she met her ex-husband and what prompted her to end their long-term marriage.

It all unfolded in 2011 when the wife and mother of seven children received a phone call from a prostitute claiming she was involved with Tripp Morris. She knew that her husband was living a double life, so she was summoned to a meeting. Venus Morris awoke her oldest son, John, and instructed him to care for the youngest child. Morris learned Tripp had been sleeping with prostitutes for years and that they were blackmailing him because he had stolen all of their money.

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The couple has been divorced now since finalizing in 2011, and she is spending quality time raising her kids. Her ex-husband, however, is serving a 45-year sentence in Baldwin State Prison since 2012 on account of two child molestation charges. According to the Georgia Department of Corrections, he will only be able to apply for parole in 2037.

Net Worth in Millions

Venus Morris Griffin holds a net worth of nearly $2 million. She is a successful businesswoman and author, but her books are yet to be published. The majority of her income comes from her success in real estate. Griffin received her license as a professional realtor in 2008. Her work has met her high standards of perfection, as evidenced by her website. She was also once ranked first in annual sales at Meybohm, making her one of the top 250+ agents. Venus has amassed tremendous money from her long-time career, working her way up as a single parent. In addition, she raises her kids and supplements their every need.

Venus Morris Griffin in the background with all her real estate awards mentioned in the foreground.Griffin's trajectory in her profession has been impressive.
Photo Source: Venus Morris Griffin, Instagram

The gorgeous-looking Venus travels the world, speaks about her mindset, and tries to overcome people's adversity. She also assists women facing suffocating challenges and obstacles in their careers, preventing them from progressing. Despite being a realtor, Venus is also an author. As mentioned, she is taking her time to the publication of an unnamed book for which royalties are undoubtedly due.

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