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Nov 17, 2019 @ 20:07 EST
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Learn how much staggering net worth details the Youtube personality and social media influencer Abigale Mandler holds!

Since a young age, the talented YouTuber star Abigale Mandler was enthusiast creating her own channel where she could share different ideas and content. And she made her dreams come to reality creating a YouTube channel in 2015 via which she has been quite famous on social media too. As of now, she is popular in the gaming community for some of her gameplay of Resident EvilCall of Duty and, Tomb Raider.

So, in order to know the sensation better and learn how much 'bands of green' the young sensation was able to make throughout her 4 years of career as a Youtuber, we have come up with the details, just for you,

Abigale Mandler's Net Worth Is Not as You'd Expect

The 24-year-old internet personality does not hold the sum of money as we expected; She only has a net worth of $75,000.
SOURCE: CelebInsider

Don't believe us! If you've been following the stars, then you might know she is famous for uploading smutty videos, "some" gameplay videos, and other content.

As her career on social media, her roots of income is basically from popular social media and streaming sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Abigale Mandler Earnings from Youtube



Abigale's path to stardom was through her YouTube channel named after herself Abigale Mandler. She created the account back on Jan 11, 2015, and has around 159k subscribers.

According to socialblade, the YouTuber's estimated earnings from YouTube range from $14 - $217 per month making $2,604 per year and a total of 54 months earnings till the date of $11,718 excluding some paid endorsement video such as Webcam Hacked.

Above all, her stimulating role-play videos are quite popular among her total of 22 uploads. She garnered around 2 million-plus views on videos like Detention Teacher Role Play, and Nurse Exam Role Play.

As of now, she is already getting sponsored videos via which she is making bands of green.

Earning from her top notches videos Detention Teacher Role Play - 2 millions views with estimated video earnings of $4,078.

With earnings from Nurse Exam Role Play with a staggering 1 million views, her income from the video is around $2,036.

Another of her hit videos is $exy Baking w/ Abigale Mandler, which also had 1.3 million views collecting an average of $2,406.

Besides, she has a total of 22 uploads in total with 159k subscribers and a total of 8,231,422 views. She is 10,059th in games rank and recently is not active on YouTube.

Abigale Mandler Earning From Instagram

 she has around 196k followers on Instagram with 162 posts in total.
SOURCE: Instagram

The model/gamer specifically posts her racy snaps on Instagram, which draws quite an attention among fans.

According to the Influencer Marketing hub, Mandler's estimated earnings per post range around $591 - $986. So taking an average of she earns around $600 x 162 = $97,200.

You can follow her on her official Instagram, Abigale Mandler.

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