Amanda Kloots' Boyfriend Journey: Navigating Love After Nick Cordero

Dec 26, 2023 @ 3:49 EST
Amanda Kloots' Boyfriend Journey: Navigating Love After Nick Cordero | Celeb$fortune | Photo: Ashley Becker

In the wake of profound loss, Amanda Kloots, co-host of "The Talk" and widow of Broadway actor Nick Cordero, bravely shares her journey of navigating love again. Amid persistent rumors surrounding potential boyfriends, Amanda's responses and resilience illuminate the complexities of dating after loss while honoring the enduring love she holds for Nick.

In the aftermath of immense tragedy, Amanda Kloots, co-host of The Talk and widow of Broadway actor Nick Cordero, has been open about her journey to find love again. Since the passing of her beloved husband in 2020, Amanda has been navigating the complex world of dating, accompanied by persistent boyfriend rumors and the scrutiny of the public eye.

This article explores Amanda Kloots' dating life post-Nick Cordero, delving into the rumors surrounding her relationships and her poignant responses to the speculation.

Amanda Kloots: Navigating Love After Loss

Amanda Kloots, known for her resilience and candid sharing of her grief journey, has been embracing life after losing her husband Nick Cordero to complications from COVID-19. The transition to dating has been a significant aspect of her healing process, with Amanda bravely sharing her experiences and emotions with her followers.

Despite sharing she's gone on "lots of dates", Kloots hasn't explicitly confirmed that she's had a boyfriend as of yet. So, everything we've heard about Kloots dating someone is ultimately just the curiosity of the public which includes those who genuinely wanted to see her find someone to also help her navigate her grief after the most tragic moment of her life.

Boyfriend Rumors and Amanda's Responses

Since Amanda Kloots entered the dating scene, she has been subject to numerous rumors and speculations about her romantic life. One of the notable instances involved her friendship with Michael Allio, a former contestant on The Bachelorette. Their meeting fueled dating rumors, sparking curiosity and discussions among fans.

Amanda Kloots and Michael Allio pictured during a dinner while in arms.
Photo Source: Amanda Kloots, Instagram

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Amanda addressed the rumors, stating, "We wouldn't be, like, snapping the picture and posting it," emphasizing her desire for privacy in matters of the heart. Amanda gracefully acknowledged the well-intentioned curiosity, noting that the rumors stemmed from the genuine support of her fans who wanted to see her find a loving boyfriend again.

Despite the dating rumors, Amanda Kloots has demonstrated a steadfast focus on her personal growth and the well-being of her young son, Elvis. She has consistently emphasized the importance of patience and allowing love to enter her life organically, without the pressure of societal expectations.

Amanda has also faced online backlash for re-entering the dating scene within a year of Nick's passing. In response, she took a proactive approach, interviewing other widows live on Instagram to humanize her experience and counteract the judgment. By putting a face to her journey, Kloots aimed to convey the complexities of grieving and the pursuit of happiness after loss.

Amanda's Dating Criteria and Future Hopes

In various interviews and social media posts, Amanda Kloots has shared insights into her dating criteria and the qualities she is seeking in a partner. She has expressed a desire for a "really good person" and has been discerning about her choices. Amanda's openness to love, coupled with her patience and resilience, showcases a woman navigating the delicate balance of honoring the past while embracing the potential for a brighter future.

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"I'm very picky," Amanda shared in an interview, emphasizing that she hopes the right person will naturally come into her life. Her approach involves letting things unfold organically, without forcing or rushing into a new relationship. Amanda recognizes the importance of enjoying the present moment and cherishing the time she has with her son, Elvis.

Amanda Kloots and Husband Nick Cordero: A Brief Reflection

Amanda Kloots' journey to finding love again is inevitably tied to the profound loss of her husband, Nick Cordero. Their love story began on Broadway, where they met, became friends, and eventually married in September 2017. The couple later moved from New York to Los Angeles, seeking new adventures with their young son, Elvis Eduardo.

Nick Cordero's battle with COVID-19 became a heartbreaking saga that unfolded on social media, capturing the hearts of thousands worldwide. Despite the valiant efforts and prayers, Nick passed away on July 5, 2020, leaving Amanda a young widow and Elvis without his father.

The depth of grief and the enduring love Amanda holds for Nick are evident in her ongoing journey. She frequently reflects on the profound loss, acknowledging the challenges of not having Nick physically present for significant moments in their lives. Amanda finds solace in the belief that Nick is still with them in spirit.

Love, Loss, and Amanda's Resilience

As Amanda Kloots continues her journey of love and loss, she stands as a beacon of resilience for many navigating similar paths. Her openness about dating, the rumors surrounding her relationships, and her responses to public scrutiny reveal a woman committed to honoring the past while embracing the potential for new beginnings.

In the face of grief, Amanda Kloots exemplifies strength, grace, and a genuine commitment to finding joy once again. As the search for love continues, Amanda's story becomes an inspiration for those seeking hope and healing after the profound loss of a loved one.

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