'BITCOIN MINING ENGINEER' Wanted: $7.8 Trillion Asset Giant 'Fidelity' is Hiring

Feb 20, 2020 @ 15:28 EST
'BITCOIN MINING ENGINEER' Wanted: $7.8 Trillion Asset Giant 'Fidelity' is Hiring

Yes, we're discussing digital money today. Although, not specifically.

It seemed the craze for cryptocurrency had declined in the last few years. But there still are several projects underway, and many people still interested in the Bitcoin business. While analyst Jacob Canfield believes there's a foul at play for the resurgence of Ethereum and EOS, and not forgetting the arrest of two men for crypto-money laundering (wow, there's such a thing) or OneCoin's alleged scam, research continues.

According to a job opening page on their career website, $7.8 trillion financial services giant Fidelity is recruiting a Bitcoin Mining Engineer for its innovation arm, Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT). They also have plans to scale the company’s cryptocurrency mining operations.

Fidelity wants to "disrupt" the business models by exploring blockchain technologies, with their recently announced Fidelity Digital Asset Services (FDAS).  The recruit will join the mining team at FCAT to design, build, and maintain the infrastructure to run and scale their business.

With a passion for mining and Bitcoin in general, they are asking for a minimum of 3-5 years of experience in software development and information-technology operations. Other expertise on AWS Cloud DevOps services, SQL & NoSQL databases, CI/CD automation tools, ReactJS, NodeJS and such are obvious requirements.

Fidelity's record of work with cryptocurrency started with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) mining since 2014. At the 2017 Consensus conference, Fidelity CEO Abby Johnson affirmed their firm was profiting from its mining enterprise. They were only performing a study on the cryptocurrency market, he said.

The FDAS was then launched a year later in October 2018 to provide institutional investment services for the cryptocurrency industry.

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