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Sep 30, 2019 @ 18:01 EDT

Get to know the enviable net worth of Hollywood versatile persona Christian Camargo.

Christian Camargo - the multi-talented star is one of the prominent faces of Hollywood, who is, in fact, an actor, director as well as producer. He is best known for his outstanding roles in movies like The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 1 & 2), The Hurt Locker and not to mention his best role in showtime drama Dexter as Brian Moser.

Apart from his marvelous acting performances in the cinematic universe, relationship status, personal life, family, and other stuff, we are here to talk about precisely the fortune the actor was able to accumulate through his 11-year-long career in the showbiz industry.

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Christian stepped into the lights and camera from 1996.
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Round his decade-long career in the Hollywood industry, the star was able to garner a hefty pile of green ranging from $1 to $2 million.

His envying net worth can be credited to his twenty-five blockbuster hit movies, twenty-one plus Television series and theatres plays.

Let's dig into some of the actor's finest movies via which he was able to collect such a staggering amount of net-worth, shall we?

Christian Camargo Net Worth from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 1 & 2

It probably sounds new to many, Camargo featured in two parts of the superhit vampire movie, the Twilight Saga. He portrayed the character Eleazar Denali with some of the finest co-star characters such as Bella Swan, Jacob Black, and Edward Cullen.

Bill Condon directed all five movies in the series, including the two-parter Breaking Dawn movies featuring Camargo that collected a splendid collective worldwide box office earnings of $1.5419 billion (without subtracting the total $230 million budget to make the two movies). Surely Camargo racked up quite the bunch following his fairly significant role in the movies.

 Christian Camargo in Romeo and Juliet (2014)

Christian was a part of the Broadway adaptation of one of world's most famous plays by William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet. The classic rendition was directed by David Leveaux where he stars alongside Orlando Bloom who portrays the fairy tale star Romeo, opposite role to Condola Rashād's Juliet.

The classic rendition alongside its classic and nostalgic story did an impressive performance on the box office too, with a domestic video sale of $54,197,048.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

The movie did quite an impressive performance in the box office of $457,364,600. Camargo portrayed as John Wikes Booth, which was a background character, as part of the movie's backstory. But these actors don't get paid less either.

Some other hit movies of the star includes Highway (2014), Days and Night (2014), Channeling (2013), Happy Tears (2009), The Hurt Locker (2008), Henry May Long (2008), The Picture of Dorian Gray (2007), Welcome to California (2005), Double Bang (2001), Lip Service (2001), Story of a Bad Boy (1999), Harlem Aria (1999); and Plunkett & Macleane (1999).

Camargo's Earning from Television Series

Christian Camargo

Christian Camargo

Camargo appeared on an episode of The Mentalist starring Australian actor Simon Baker. Some of the Television series which helped Christian boost up his net worth include, as an example, The Good Wife series that contains Six Seasons and had 14 million viewers during its initial premiere.

Following the Season One success, Season Two had over 14.059 million viewers. Similarly, Season Three had 12.100 million viewers, Season Four with 11.523 million, Season Five with 12 million, and Season Six with 12.268 million viewers.

Accounting the average evaluation, the standard average channel earns $1 per 1,000 views, and with a total of 60 million views without counting the advertisement, the season roughly earned $60,000 just from the views.

Now, let's match all the number of episodes the star played and roughly estimate the earnings of the star.

Earning From Overall Series Episodes

Christian Camargo

                                  Christian Camargo

See (2019) starring as Tamacti Jun for 10 episodes, Dexter - 12 episodes (2006-2012), The Good Wife - 1 episode (2012), Haven - 6 episodes (2013), Penny Dreadful (16 wins & 84 nominations, 2016) - 7 episodes, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - 1 episode (2007), The Mentalist (1 Golden Globe) - 1 episode (2011), Numb3rs - 1 episode (2009), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - 1 episode (2003), House of Cards - 2 episodes (2015), Without a Trace - 1 episode (2003), Great Performances - 1 episode  (1997), and Ghost Whisperer - 2 episodes (2005). Besides these, the actor has also featured as a guest star in some series like Guiding Light, Wanted, Boomtown and other dramas.

Considering the payout of actors in American TV, as per reports by Business Insider, Variety and CheatSheet - CBS's The Big Bang Theory cast members earned $1,187,139 whereas some middle reality stars like Teen Mom earn around $5000 and some $10,000, according to the shows' success.

Let's break the average and account his known 46 episodes by rounding up an average of $25000 salary per episode, which makes his total net worth of $1,150,000, excluding his income of movies, production and other investments. Don't forget, he is married to an English actress and producer since 2008. Surely they share each other's salaries, racking up even more wealth to his pile.

So, as a rough estimation, the star, Christian Camargo, is rich enough to live the life of riches.

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