David Dobrik Girlfriend 2023: Married Life & Ex Girlfriends

Apr 17, 2023 @ 11:41 EDT
David Dobrik Girlfriend 2023: Married Life & Ex Girlfriends

Many people are confused if David Dobrik's girlfriend as of 2023 is Taylor Hudson or not. Well, the rumors are not yet confirmed, and the only thing we can say is that they spend most of their time together as Taylor is the new assistant of the YouTuber. The allegation might be true or just street gossip, which David Dobrik has yet to confirm.

Do you love gifts? How about getting one that is worth millions of dollars? Do you feel extra special after receiving a gift? David Dobrik recently received a $518,190 gift from Corinna Kopf. Do you want to know what the gift was? What is the relationship between David and Corinna?

Fans got shocked after David's best friend Corinna gifted him a Ferrari worth over $500,000. He seems to get the favor returned from Karma after receiving the gift. Dobrik, who is one of the most successful content creators, has always been seen buying expensive gifts for several of his friends, family, and even fans. After receiving the gift, when he was asked if he felt guilty about getting such an expensive gift, he denied it and expressed his happiness.

After hearing the news, many of David Dobrik's fans are curious to know about his current personal and professional lives. Who is he dating, Tylor or Liza? To know more about his girlfriend in 2023, read this article.

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David Dobrik’s Girlfriend in 2023: He Is Yet to Speak About His Love Life!

David Dobrik has not confirmed anything about his current love life, but people are guessing that his girlfriend is either Taylor or Liza in 2023. Fans are wondering to know about his personal life, but it seems like he is talking after failing many attempts to have a perfect love life.

David Julian Dobrik, aka David Dobrik, is a Slovak-born Internet personality. Growing up, he was interested in sports and qualified for the 2014 Boys Tennis State Tournament, where he won third place in the doubles tournaments. He started his career by joining the YouTube group Second Class. He uploaded his first video with other popular Viners such as Liza Koshy, Gabbie Hanna, Jason Nash, and Zane & Heath in 2013.

David's life has been like an open book since he has been a known person. His fans and the general public are well aware of his daily activities and struggles. From being a Slovak citizen to receiving a green card to travel outside the United States, he has updated his fans on everything. Do you know with whom he has been hanging out?

David has recently been linked with Mr. Beast’s ex-girlfriend, Maddy. Have you seen the picture of Maddy's new boyfriend? Does he look like David? Many of the fans were confused about whether Maddy and David have been dating secretly or not. After Maddy posted a picture of her current boyfriend, who looks similar to David, people started the rumors.

Well, that's just a false rumor, as recently, Maddy posted another picture with her partner, and in the picture, it's someone else and not David. So, if not Maddie, who do you think David is dating? Many girls are always drooling over the content creator, but it seems like he is taking a long break to start his personal life. His first official relationship was formed in 2015 with fellow YouTube personality Liza Koshy.

David Dobrik with his former girlfriend Liza Koshy.David Dobrik with his former girlfriend Liza Koshy.
Image Source: Pinterest

Liza and David flooded the internet with their couple's content at that time, and many fans were amazed at their perfect relationship. However, it seems like perfect things always end. They got separated in 2019. The pair made their relationship public through their YouTube channel and ended by posting a video about their breakup.

Who Was David Married to After the Break-up With Liza?

After facing his first heartbreak, David shocked his fans with the news of his engagement with Lorraine Nash. Nash and David soon got married on May 15, 2019, but it didn't last, and they ended their marriage after one month. Since then, his love life has been a question mark for the fans.

David Dobrik and Lorraine Nash getting married.David Dobrik and Lorraine Nash getting married.
Image Source: Pinterest

In 2020, when David Dobrik was linked with his co-star Charlotte D’Alessio, many assumed that he was dating the model secretly. Soon after, in the interview when the issue was addressed, he denied it by pointing out the talks to be just rumors and said;

I was excited to know I had a girlfriend. I had to text Charlotte [to] make sure that it was true. And she said it was not true, in fact, that it was just rumors, So no, we’re not dating. I really, really like her. And I think she likes me, but we’re not there.

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