Is Zendaya Pregnant in 2023? The Real Truth!

Jun 16, 2023 @ 15:22 EDT
Is Zendaya Pregnant in 2023? The Real Truth!

Zendaya's pregnancy rumors have taken over the internet in 2023. Is she really pregnant? Get the facts and put the speculation to rest.

The internet has a knack for churning out celebrity gossip and rumors faster than you can refresh your social media feed. One such rumor that took the online world by storm was the speculation surrounding the beloved actress and singer, Zendaya, and whether she was expecting a baby in 2023. Fans and gossipmongers alike were abuzz with anticipation, but let's set the record straight and delve into the truth behind these pregnancy claims.

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Zendaya: Is She Pregnant in 2023?

Last year, the rumor mill spun into action, casting Zendaya (@zendaya) as the center of pregnancy speculations. It was a surprising turn of events for the multi-talented star, who seemed least likely to fall prey to such baseless rumors. However, as we've come to learn, the internet can sometimes be a breeding ground for unfounded claims and sensationalism.

Zendaya, ever graceful and candid, took a moment out of her busy schedule to address the matter head-on. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she swiftly debunked the false claims with her trademark candor. In her first post, she expressed her disdain for such rumors, stating, "See now, this is why I stay off Twitter. Just making stuff up for no reason… weekly."

With a hint of sarcasm and a touch of exasperation, Zendaya made it clear that these rumors were nothing more than figments of the online world's imagination. In a subsequent Story, she emphasized her determination to focus on her new film, Challengers, and let the internet do what it does best. "Anyway, back to filming," she concluded, brushing off the rumors with a sense of poise.

Zendaya is not pregnant in 2023. celebsfortune.comZendaya is not pregnant in 2023.
Image Source: Good Morning America

So, how did these pregnancy rumors come about in the first place? It turns out that the initial spark of gossip originated from an unfunny TikTok prank that featured a fake ultrasound. Unfortunately, the pranksters' mischief quickly spread like wildfire on Twitter, where it gained traction and deceived many unsuspecting fans.

In the realm of social media, misinformation can easily snowball into a full-blown rumor mill, leaving celebrities like Zendaya to set the record straight. Just like last year, Zendaya is not pregnant in 2023.

Beyond the pregnancy rumors, Zendaya's love life has been a topic of intrigue for fans. She has been in a relationship with fellow actor Tom Holland, with their romance first blossoming during the auditions for Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2016. Their close friendship developed on set, with both stars often emphasizing that they were just friends.

While the exact timeline of their romantic connection remains a bit of a mystery, Zendaya and Tom Holland successfully kept their relationship out of the tabloids for quite some time. It wasn't until 2021 that they decided to be more open about their romance, delighting fans and the media alike.

Zendaya and Tom Holland's Relationship Status

As of June 2023, Zendaya and Tom Holland are still going strong. Despite the ups and downs that come with living in the public eye, they continue to navigate their relationship with grace and affection. They have been spotted engaging in adorable couple activities, such as outfit twinning during a hockey game and leaving heartfelt comments on each other's social media posts.

The couple's recent trip to London and Mumbai showcased their bond, with numerous photos capturing their blissful moments together. While they are not engaged at the moment, their mutual admiration and love for each other are evident in their public displays of affection and the meaningful gestures they exchange.

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