Jedward’s Wife: Sneak a Peek Into Their Relationship History

Aug 9, 2023 @ 10:48 EDT
Jedward’s Wife: Sneak a Peek Into Their Relationship History.

Jedward are currently single, and none of them has a wife as of 2023. They have admitted to being in many relationships, and Edward once mentioned all the details about his one partner. He dated Swedish girl Sabina through the MTV show Single AF in 2017. So far, it appears that none of  John Grimes's partners have reached a conclusion.

John and Edward Grimes, twins brother, who are known as Jedward, are an Irish singing and television presenting duo. They were very active in extracurricular activities from their school days. They gained fame when they appeared as John and Edward in the sixth series of The X Factor in 2009, where they managed to gain a sixth place.

Jedward gained many fans after the show, with more than 251k followers on their Instagram. Recently, they have been in the news after Bella Ramsey, The Last of Us star, revealed that she is a longstanding fan of the twin's brother in a new video to mark this year’s contest in Liverpool. The star said that Eurovision is one of the greatest things ever to exist, and Jedward is a close second.

After the news broke, many people started asking about Jedward's current life. Some of their fans are curious to know about their love lives. To know more about their personal lives, dating history, and Jedward's wife in detail, read this article.

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None of the Jedward Has a Wife!

Many people want to know about Jedward's (@jepicpics) wife, but the duo has not been married yet. Previously, Edward was in a public relationship with Sabina, but it is said that they got separated during lockdown. The fans who wanted to hear the good news from the twins seemed to be disappointed in them.

Jedward has been in the spotlight for a long time, and many people are curious to know every personal detail of his life, including his love life and wife. People started asking Jedward to get a wife after they were seen at Tadhg Fleming's wedding. The couple was seen very happy during the event, and some people started commenting on the post to get married.

Jedward are a very secretive twin making sure to not reveal anything about their personal life. celebsfortune.comJedward are a very secretive twin making sure to not reveal anything about their personal life.
Image Source: Instagram

Tadhg Fleming, who made his long-term girlfriend Alannah his wife in March, had a crazy wedding celebration where the two twins put the party in the party bus as they headed to the wedding celebrations with other guests. The video is still viral on the Internet.

Who Is Edward Grimes’s Wife?

Edward Grimes, one of the twin brothers, has faced many ups and downs in his love life. He is single, but people are wondering if he has ever had a wife. In 2017, he met Swedish girl Sabina through the MTV show Single AF. The couple soon hit it off and started dating after getting to know each other. During that time when he was interviewed, he even claimed that he was pleased and stated:

I’m not single any more. Sabina is amazing so we will have to see what happens.

After hearing about Edward's statement, many people started loving the couple. However, the couple didn't give much information about their relationship and disappointed their fans by posting just one picture. Later, the singer talked about relationships and said that he broke up during lockdown and since then he is just in a dating phase.

Edward Grimes dated a Swedish girl Sabina in 2017. celebsfortune.comEdward Grimes dated a Swedish girl Sabina in 2017
Image Source: Reddit

That was the only relationship in which Edward mentioned his partner's name. He didn't reveal getting married or having a wife till now, but he has mentioned many times that he has been in a private relationship and even mentioned finding someone he could make wife while he was in a hospital as he mentioned;

I had a very whirlwind moment when I was in hospital but yeah, I kept it all professional. I had a very whirlwind moment when I was in hospital but yeah, I kept it all professional. A lot of people try to talk about singers and famous people as if their careers are different to anyone else’s. It’s just more a public job and career.

Who Is John Grimes’s Partner?

Jedward has been very careful about their relationship, and they claim to be more focused on each other than on any other relationship. While Edward has mentioned being in a relationship, John Grimes has never mentioned any details about his partner. He once mentioned dating many celebrities from different countries through dating apps and stated;

I feel like things could be a lot more exciting and better than they are, so I’d like to develop my own dating app and promote it on Planet Jedward. We want the whole nation on it. I think it could be a worldwide thing!

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