Keith Bynum Wikipedia (Biography): Age, Married to Evan Thomas, Company, Education & Net Worth!

Sep 17, 2023 @ 5:20 EDT
Keith Bynum Wikipedia (Biography): Age, Married to Evan Thomas, Company, Education & Net Worth!

Here is Keith Bynum's complete Wikipedia. Learn about his age, company, education, net worth, and if he is married to Evan Thomas.

Keith Bynum, one of the hosts of HGTV's Bargain Block is a designer as well as a TV personality. In addition to building houses, he completely renovates houses in disrepair and transforms them into beautiful living spaces.

His design aesthetic is unique, creative, and unlike any other designer you've seen on HGTV. Watching Keith demonstrate all of his abilities on Bargain Blcok makes fans wonder, "Who exactly is this guy?" Well, here is his complete Wikipedia (Biography).

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Wikipedia: Keith Bynum’s Age, Education, Company & Net Worth!

Home remodeling specialist and designer, Keith Bynum (@keithbynum_), is well-known for starring on HGTV's Bargain Block with his partner Evan Thomas. He was also a competitor on another HGTV show, Rock the Block. Moreover, he was a guest on Battle of the Bling. He is originally from West Texas. He has a younger sister with whom he is quite close. They like spending time together whenever they can.

He likes to keep his personal under wraps. Since he has not disclosed his date of birth, we are unaware of his age. He is likely in his forties. He is approximately 5'7" tall. We are also not sure about his educational background.

Keith reconciled with his estranged mother, LaQuita Bynum, in recent years. Unfortunately, his mother died of cancer barely a month after Keith wrote on Instagram about the two reconciling. He used a painting for his sadness when his mother died. Keith explained that the day he found out that his mother had cancer, he couldn't do anything but paint.

Keith Bynum doesn't discuss his parents since it didn't go well when he came out as gay. He claims that his parents have effectively abandoned him. He went on to say that he is from the South, where being gay is not easy. However, watching openly gay HGTV star David Bromstad have such a successful career pushed Bynum to accept his identity and pursue his aspirations. Seeing Bromstad on HGTV and Discovery Plus was a turning point for him.

The American interior designer has been very passionate about entrepreneurial development since he was young. He founded his first company at 14 & has since grown it into a nationally renowned retail and manufacturing chain. He sold his first business and started getting himself in a lot of trouble. He has his own company, Nine Design and Homes, which focuses on elevating and economical aesthetics.

Keith Bynum is well-known for starring on Bargain Block and Rock the Block. celebsfortune.comKeith Bynum is well-known for starring on Bargain Block and Rock the Block.
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One of the most intriguing and distinctive aspects of Bargain Block is viewing Keith Bynum's unique artistic works. He crafts a unique piece of artwork for each home, whether it's a mural, a painted portrait, a 3-D art installation, or all three. He has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Keith Bynum is well-known for being one of HGTV's most inventive house renovators. But Keith's creative talent isn't just good for sprucing up the homes he works on; it's also therapeutic for him. On the other hand, he is also a delighted father of two kids from a previous relationship, Kenyon and Koilan. The name of the kid's mother is still under wraps.

Keith Bynum Is Openly Gay and Is in a Relationship With Evan Thomas: Are They Married?

Keith Bynum is openly gay. He is in a relationship with his partner Evan Thomas (@emuralit). They work together to acquire as many decrepit and abandoned buildings on a single block as they can rehabilitate them into appealing and cheap residences for community buyers.

They have competed in Rock the Block Season 3 and the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge. They are waiting to get married until they have the time and energy to properly arrange the wedding.

Keith Bynum and his partner, Evan Thomas, have been dating since 2013. celebsfortune.comKeith Bynum and his partner, Evan Thomas, have been dating since 2013.
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Bynum and Thomas met through They had lived in Denver, Colorado, until relocating to Detroit in August 2017. The couple likes outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and snowboarding. They have been together for nine years. Aside from how well the pair works together professionally, it's evident that they also have a nice and supportive romantic connection. Keith also finds solace in his partner's family because they are very supportive.

The designer would seek Evan's family for some sense of normalcy, peace, and affection. Keith also stated that he has realized that his family's rejection is their loss, not his. It's not going to stop him from living his life and being himself.

When Keith Bynum and Evan began rebuilding homes in Detroit, they had no idea they'd be paving the path for others to go into construction. But that is precisely what they did. They offered jobs and opportunities to LGBTQ+ carpenters and construction professionals just starting in their professions.

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