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Oct 21, 2022 @ 14:55 EDT
Laurel Beard Lives By 'Beauty and Art no matter the age' | Celeb$fortune 2022

Arts and crafts have always been a favorite no matter what age group one belongs to. Over the years, DIY videos, crafts, and arts have been popular themes on YouTube as well, and to date, it has been growing at a good pace. Laurel Beard has been one of the pioneer YouTubers to open up an art and craft channel and give it a platform.

Born on September 28, to Mike Lukaszewski, in Jacksonville, Florida, and Christian by religion, Laurel completed her high school education at Samuel W. Wolfson High. The art enthusiast seems to be very close with her family members as she has shared moments with them on her Instagram posts.

"Because Art Doesn't Have to Be So Serious." Laurel Beard Lives in the Colorful World of Her Incredible Crafts

A simple woman with a love for paper and colors, Beard has been in the art field for quite a while now. In a session of Craft Roulette, Laurel opened up on how she began her art journey. What began simply as trying to make a simple craft looking at a random video she found, turned into a career for Laurel.

Laurel Beard's profile photo in the form of an oil painting.She is always enthusiastic when it comes to arts and crafts, like her motto, "Beauty and Art no matter the age".
Photo Source: Laurel Beard, Instagram

Beard's YouTube career began in 2011 when she decided to turn her passion into a career. With her first video on April 11, 2011, the potential artist began her YouTube journey. Her first video, My new crafting area - IKEA!, was her first step in turning her hobby into a full-time job. The video has only a handful of views. Though her first video wasn't a huge success, it was just the beginning for Laurel, and more was yet to come.

The Harry Potter fanatic began her channel with clay crafts and resin crafts. From teaching how to use molds to make crafts to teaching various methods, Laurel's videos are very informative for those who are into art, crafts, and DIYs. The incredible artist's content also consists of her using products of multiple brands and reviewing them. Some of it includes making cards using Faber Castell products, Lawn Fawn, Hero Arts, Tim Holtz, and many more.

A very bubbly person with an immense love for watercolor, Laurel's primary creation includes cards with watercolor art. Defining herself as a very clean and simple designer, Beard's tagline is "Simply Cards". Her cards focus on simplicity and easy techniques that can be done by anyone.

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From birthday cards to holiday cards, Laurel makes them all and also sells them at her online shop. Accompanied by an incredible color play of watercolors and equally alluring calligraphy, Laurel's handmade cards are very eye-catching and have also made their place on Pinterest, the platform it's specifically created for.

Whether it's tutorials on making cards, arts and crafts, DIY hacks, art techniques, or hauls, Laurel Beard's content has almost covered most of the topics related to art. Thus over the years, her subscribers have also increased along with the views on her videos.

The talented artist's most popular videos on the platform include Live Demo: Brother Scan N Cut Direct Cut Function which has over 254,000 views. A little different from her usual videos, Laurel has shown versatility in her work. The art fanatic has also started her own business through Laurel Crafts, where she conducts art classes as well as sells her products.

How Much Is Laurel Beard's Net Worth?

Working as a content creator for the artsy and sophisticated world of arts and crafts, Laurel Beard hasn't received as much recognition as her work deserves. However, the world of art is slowly being recognized and so is its potential. Involved in the field for a decade now, Laurel has accumulated an appreciative income from her platforms, an estimated net worth of $100,000.

Laurel Beard taking a selfie while pointing to the print on her hoodie that says, "not bossy aggressively helpful" while making a smug face.She will not stop making her art content for anything.
Photo Source: Laurel Beard, Instagram

With over 66,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, just titled Laurel Beard, she doesn't earn much from its AdSense, considering every 1,000 views earns a YouTuber with over 1,000 subscribers about $3 to $4. She has just over 1.7 million views in total but continues making videos every week. She is clearly not doing it for the money, having just done it from the point of her own passion.

She does, however, use her Instagram page to promote her products to her 7000+ followers on the platform, and thus might earn some amount of her deserved income. Accompanied by her shop Laurel Crafts, the bubbly art enthusiast also earns through classes she runs, sessions on various platforms, and her products.

Happily Married and Mother-of-Two

Laurel Beard is happily married to the Commander in Navy, Christian Beard. The two got married in 2004 and have been together ever since. Laurel seems to have a very healthy married life as seen through her several Instagram posts.

Laurel Beard (center back) with her husband Christian Beard (right), son Lucas Beard (left), and daughter Lily Beard (center front).Most of her photos related to her family has the caption, 'Hi there!'.
Photo Source: Laurel Beard, Instagram

The fiery artist also has two children, an elder son named Lucas Beard and a daughter named Lily Beard. Laurel celebrates both her childer with pride and joy and calls them miracles. Her followers seem to have developed a certain level of liking for her kids as well.

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