Mackenzie Ziegler and Isaak Presley Confirm Breakup - Here's the Reason Why!

May 21, 2020 @ 20:08 EDT
Issak Presly and Kenzie Ziegler split, here the reason why

Learn the facts behind popular Youtube couple Mackenzie Ziegler and Isaak Presley breakup. 

Thou majority of fans blame Issak Presley for their split, Mackenzie Ziegler [Net Worth: $3.5 Million] herself claims that it was not his fault and the truth is way beyond what we predicted to be. If you've been following the star, then you might definitely see how Kenzie shares her Breakup news on Instagram in an emotional video. The moving video doesn't come right away, Kenzie spills it out after tons of fans DM and message regarding their split.

If you guys are yet to watch the emotional breakup news Mackenzie shared on May 7, 2020, then we suggest you watch the video first, just to under the situation and Ziegler's reaction towards it.

Kenzie Spills the Beans Why They 'BROKE' UP

On the Insta live, Kenzie seems all emotional in tragedy from splitting with his boyfriend,  the 15 years old shares that it's been 'super hard for me now cause I love him a lot and it will get better.' It's going to be better, and it's definitely hard for me now.  Hopefully, I don't know if we are going to be back together, but I hope so. I really really love him from my heart, and he means a lot to be. I hope everything gets better.

The dancing sensation adds,

I hated lying to you guys and she texted Issak as everyone was asking about him and everyone was asking about him. We are fine, we are friends and its not a big deal and you.

Kenzie explains how important Isaak is in her life, 'he means a world to be, so anything to get him better' - shares Ziegler.  The lines surely tell that the route of the break up was from the Issak side. In the video, all she tries to tell her fans are not get mad or hate Presly for their split. And at the end of the video, she shares, 'Thank you guys, for being there.' FYI, Isaak is also very close with Mackenzie's family members, and without missing his close relationship with Kenzie, sister Matty is yet to speak who still seems much addressing about their split. Here's a reply from Kenzie regarding why they broke up, which comes ten days after Kenzie clip, on MAy 17, 2020,

Isaak Presley Explains Why He Broke Up with Kenzie

As mentioned, Isaak shares a confession video to their fans, proving his non-selfish nature, sharing did not cheat on Kenzie as fans have been accusing him of being the one breaking up. He shares that fans don't know what's going on in his life.

I am not a bad person, and the reason behind the breakup has the reason!

Isaak begins citing old days sharing; he had to sacrifice a lot of things and had to support the family since 8 years old, which he did from his acting career. He still has to manage it, and he shares he has a lot of things going on, which he doesn't want to show everyone.

The singer adds that 'just because the stars laugh at the camera doesn't mean social influences like him are happy from inside. He shares he's into acting so he can act good to hide his problems - hopefully, we wish he is not acting the melancholy behind the split too.

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Presley references he met Kenz (which was first revealed by him that they were dating back in August 2019. The Disney Channel star even posted an adorable snap.) when he had a mental breakdown, and everyone in his family was so good. Throughout the video, he shares that he was being distracted by Kenz and family neglecting his works and distracting from his career. 'He came to the point that depression, pressure all started coming back to him.

Kenz Was the One to Breakup Realizing Career Distraction and Family Responsibilities

Isaak Presley Father Lou Presley

Isaak Presley with Father Lou Presley.
Image Source: Instagram

The 17 years old Kenz shares he has lots of struggles going on his personal life, which fans are unaware of. His relation with Kenz made him neglecting works, doing works to a minimal level, as most of the time, he's was with Kenzie. The Disney star even glimpses something related to him joining the clubhouse, and he asks Kenz is it ok to be there as there are lots of girls and stuff, Kenz was okay with it. However, Issak doesn't share much about it. We guess there might be a slight connection of their problems from the part.

Anyway, he shares they were together every time, spending time in Kenzie's house, so that's when he realized that he was kind of 'wasting time and need to focus on his career' and be more responsible for his career.

I have been spending time with Kenzie way more than any coupe ever had. I was with her all day which kind of slighted his focus.

The Stuck in the Middle actor realized that he had a family to look after,  get the house, take care, take care of dad, and give horses. So left Kenzie for a better man who can offer him so much time and money.

On the other hand, he shares, Kenz has so many great things on the way, to create opportunities and do things more, and he does not want to ruin her career and bring her in all the trouble he's dealing with. Talking more than three hours with Kenzie on the phone due to social distancing, they decided to part way but in good ways.  But he shares if things start to get well they'll get back soon. He shares he did not want to do in selfish purpose but to be able to be the one who can offer time to family, friends and build a strong mentality and career.

And the end Issak shares they never had any relationship complication, cheating issues and only had a fight once or twice throughout their relationship. They have never cheated and were always supported. We hope one day we get back or not, but we'll always be supportive of each other. There is no 'bad blood' in between.

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So the reason we found behind Mackenzie Ziegler and Isaak Presley was due to Isaak's decision to focus on shaping up his career as he has so much to look after family, friends, and his dreams. Well, we can't argue that if a man is willing and working hard for his responsibilities, anyway, Presley for his success and wish the couple to be back together.  For updates and Net Worth articles, visit Celeb$fortune.

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