Jophie Is Back and Still Real! Jentzen Ramirez Surprises Sophie Fergi & the Squad As They Reveal What Really Happened

May 16, 2020 @ 20:05 EDT
Jophie Is Back and Still Real! Jentzen Ramirez Surprises Sophie Fergi & the Squad As They Reveal What Really Happened

For those of you wishing the Jophie ship to still be afloat, it's good news. But it's as dramatic as it always is, but Jentzen & Sophie are still dating.

The way they make their videos, leaving things (kind of) hanging, it's not hard to get confused over what is happening in the Piper Rockelle squad. But this time, there were a lot of things cleared up. Still, it's easy to get things messed up in your head if you were not a regular viewer of the squad's video.

Sophie Fergi dropped a new video on May 16, 2020, and after so many questions about she and Jentzen Ramirez, she decides to answer a lot of them. There was a lot of confusion over whether the two were broken up or not. Or if Walker Bryant and Indi Star pursuing something had anything to do with Jophie being over. And if the latter three are still in the squad or not.

[Update: It's Bad News. Sophie & Jentzen Just Announced They Broke Up After Her Absence from the Squad. Details in the Link.]

Really, it's a lot to take in. But the recent videos by Sophie, Piper and Lev Cameron clear out a lot of them.

First Off, Yes, 'Jophie' Was Over But 'Windi' Had Nothing to Do With It

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You may have probably known what happens at the end of Sophie's video. But just in case you missed a few details, we're breaking down the things that happened in the video. Piper's part would be discussed in the next article.

Sophie Fergi + Jentzen Ramirez = JophieDrumroll, please...
Photo Source: Sophie Fergi Instagram

Sophie Fergi's video originally was about answering some questions from the fans, and she'd warned the viewers a lot of the Jophie questions were going to be answered. Note, Piper and Sophie were answering questions that they both had a reply to. But the Jophie questions were strictly for Sophie.

First, Sophie mentions how she regrets telling her crush Jentzen she liked her too soon. Piper answers the inverse answer to that about Lev. When it came to answering who their boyfriend or crush is, Sophie says she DOES HAVE A CRUSH, but she wouldn't be seeing him as much. Take note of when she says, "I guess that means I don't have a boyfriend either." There's a fine line between a crush and a boyfriend.

She affirms her fans that she'd be talking about it in another video, but another question from the fan gets her to spill the tea, "Can u tell us what happened with Jophie?" She explains how Jentzen had got another opportunity, but it was something that would've made him distant from Piper's group from all aspects. Since he would be too busy to hang out with the squad as often, they kind of decided they wouldn't pursue Jophie any further. That was not known in her Third Wheeling My Best Friend and Her Boyfriend video when she broke down in the middle of the prank.

Sophie Fergi and Jentzen Ramirez arm-in-arm.Guess she won't need to make another sad video later, huh?
Photo Source: Jentzen Ramirez Instagram

Up until this point, she makes sure the viewers know Jentzen Ramirez would no longer be in the squad, at all. And she also answers the next question about whether she still has feelings for him, which she does because the split was not because of any hate. She urged their followers to not hate him. BUT, everything about Jophie in this video was about to not be the same again.

Point to note: A lot of users in the comments have been dishing out on Walker & Indi, accusing them of breaking down the group, going as far as blaming Windi for Jophie's end. But the gang has not shown any sign of this happening. Sure, Piper's crush went down to Lev only, and Sawyer Sharbino is left without one. But that, by no means, meant they took down Jophie.

Surprise: Jentzen Is Here to Stay, & 'Jophie' Still Sails

The last question about whether Sophie still had feelings for him was not too easy on her. But just then, there's a knock on the door. Piper goes to get it and comes back in a while to say it's for her. She goes to the door and finds Lev putting on a paper face of Jentzen and asking her to make out... Little did she know, Jentzen was coming in the back door, coming up to her with a rose bouquet to surprise her.

After she confronts Lev, crunches the paper face & throws it in the ground, shuts the door on him and turns back, she finds Jentzen right behind her with the bouquet. With a wonderful shock, she falls down on her knees. So, is Jophie real and true? You betcha!

Piper Rockelle and squad celebrating Sophie Fergi's 1 million subscribers on YouTube.With that, Fergi also celebrates reaching 1 million subscribers of YouTube.
Photo Source: Sophie Fergi Instagram

It turns out, he made a decision to stay that very morning. A lot of people were hoping the thing would be back again, or eagerly waiting for them to make it official on either side. The four of them then go to the couch to continue answering the questions again, the first of which was whether the split was a prank all along.

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Lev jokingly (with a serious face) says "Yes!" as the other three all say "No," it was not a prank at all. Then, Sophie's cameraman, Adam, steps in (meaning, only by voice) and tries to convince the breakup was not a prank and everything was "legit". Like, they didn't know if they Jophie would be back or not at all.

In Between: There's Also a Question about Gavin Magnus, Piper's Ex-Boyfriend. Yes, Explained Here (Including the Confirmation of Liper).

Watch: Jentzen Is Confirmed to Be Back, and 'Jophie' Is Back On

As for the last question, "Yes", Jentzen is Back in the squad, and he'll be appearing in their videos more often now.

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