Indi Star and Walker Bryant Were 'Loving to the Fullest' - What Went Wrong in Their Relationship

May 19, 2020 @ 22:21 EDT
Indie Star and Walker Bryant Are 'Loving to the Fullest' - Amidst All the Dramas and Sacrifice

The new endearing couple! If you've been following Walker Bryant and Indi Star romantic fling then you might well know how surprisingly Walker and Indi started dating, precisely after Indi turned out to be Bryant's Secret Admirer. The couple later confirmed their relationship taking to their Instagram post and since then the lovebirds seem stronger than ever.

But as strong their bond seems, Walker Bryant and Indi Star [net worth: $300k] relationship also shares the story with lots of 'sacrifices', 'heartbreaks' and 'criticisms' as fans were definitely not happy for Indi shockingly breaking up with Walker Bryant prior to crushing Sawyer Sharbino [net worth: $300,000] and similarly, Walker with his crush Piper Rockelle [Net Worth: $2.7 million].

Amidst fan disgrace, the couple had more to lose as it dismantled their friendship with the rest of their squad like Sophie Fergi (@Sophie Fergi,) [Net Worth: $200,000], Danielle Cohn [Net Worth: $2 Million], Hayden Haas [Net Worth: $200k ], Lev Cameron. However,  Jentzen Ramirez [Net Worth: $1 Million] is the only squad seen on Indi vlogs lately, a supportive friend to say. Anyway, there's good news as 'Jophie' is back! yYes, Jentzen, and Sophie who had a split after Ramirez pulled off a bad prank recently settled elevating their ship with a strong bond.

Indi Star and Bryant Walker Crush

We all see things differently ?
Image Source: Instagram 

Coming back to the former lovebirds, no matter what the situations have turned out to be, the 'Just Might Dance' hitmaker Indi and Waker seemed 'happier than ever' which can be well articulated through their respective Instagram posts, TikTok, and YouTube vlogs -They are having the 'best time of their lives'. Star recently uploaded an intriguing 'couple clip' on YouTube, and showing how they adore each other company.


As in the recent Vlog 'Recreating COUPLES Tik Toks | ROMANTIC CUTE RELATIONSHIP GOALS *CRUSH* CHALLENGE' shared from Indi Star's YouTube channel shows how deeply the crushes are enjoying their time together. In the video, they try to imitate some adorable  'couple goals' clips from TikTok - look cute. While the majority of fans are not loving it but who can stop if two hearts fall for each other.

And with the shades, the majority of their followers also seem to be curious why Walker and Indi started their relationship 'Out of the Blues' not even informing their ex-partners about their affection towards each other. We've got answers for all your questions as well as a short recap, for those who are unaware of what happened in between.

Why Indi Star and Walker Bryant Broke Up!

Indi Star and Walker Bryant Breakup (1)

Indi Star and Walker Bryant Break up!  Image Source: Instagram

Yes, it has definitely been sad news to all the Windi fans as one of our loved coupled Walker and Indi broke up! It was a hard moment for all of us to see Windi fall apart. Well, they decided to end their crush relationship as both of them had different roads to explore with their rising career and time.

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And if you guys have been following Indi lately, then you might also be well familiar with Indi star new boyfriend/bf, Donald Dougher also called the richest kid in USA. If you guys have no clue about it, you can learn all the details of Indi Star's new bf/boyfriend Donald.

Walker and Piper Relationship - What Went Wrong!

Piper and Walker became close since Piper broke up with Gavin Magnus and shortly started dating or one they refer to as 'crushing'. Their shipping relationship was confirmed after Walker posted clip sharing that I Go Married To My Crush for 24 Hours on February 8, 2020. But the thing which was hurting Walker deep inside was Piper holding 'two crushes', yes those following Piper well know that she held two crushes - Walker Bryant and Lev Cameron [Net Worth: $600,000].

Despite trying so hard and expressing love to Piper proposing with a crush marriage, what seems to hurt Bryant the most was Liper's significant video of 'I GOT MARRIED to my Crush for 24 Hours' uploaded 21 days after from Bryant's.  But, the special episode was not made in return to Walker's approach but in fact, was with Lev Cameron - ouch! that hurts, right!

Thou things were sailing smoothly between Walker and Lipper despite she held two crushes,  the relationship seemed to be scattered after Walker gets a secret message from a 'Secret Admirer' who knew his every choice, preferences, even favorite Starbucks drink, Chocolates and so forth. So Walker was quite impressed with that, mean who wouldn't, right! Shortly Indi and Bryant started to hang out together (which we all were unknown), they kind of developed feelings for each other,  which Walker shortly hinted before crushing Indi,

I kind of met someone. When we play video games together it’s always super fun. We like basically it… Like we like basically think of the same things and like a lot alike. I don’t know who it is but I know that I’m starting to have a crush… I can just hear their voice, I don’t know who it is though.

And soon after the 13 years old Bryan hints about his new crush, Indigo Star Carey aka Indi officially 'spilled the beans' and confirmed about her ship with Walker taking to her Instagram.

Secret Admirer Indi Confirms Her Relation'ship' with Bryant Walker

Indi first posts opening her crush Bryant.

Indi first posts opening her crush Bryant.
Image Source: Instagram

Indi Star officially shared the news regarding her new crush taking to her Instagram on April 27, Monday. She posted a snap with Walker and yeah it came as a shock for many of their followers too as she wrote,

So I feel like I have to address all the rumors that are swirling around because my Youtube video did not post today.  Yes, Walker and I like each other and, yes, we are in a crush. My video, the third video in the 3 part series was supposed to post today on Youtube but it was not posted. Hopefully you will see it at some point. The video was about me telling Piper about how Walker and I had been playing video games and had developed feelings for each other and Piper gave her blessing for us to pursue the relationship. She even called Walker on FaceTime and was excited to share the news that she had found his secret admirer. Everyone is happy and fine with how things turned out. Please continue to support all ships as we move forward. (edit) A lot of people are asking about Sawyer. Please watch Pipers Truth video. Sawyer and I both decided that we were better off as friends. Love, ❤️, Indi Star

Yeah fans are definitely upset with Star as she all of sudden broke up with Swayer but we can't just judge her on that - it's just what her heart craved and felt right. She even confessed the whole thing with an apology through her above Instagram post, and Sawyer also seem okay with the split.

Indi Star and Swayer Confess to being Better as Friends! - Before Dating Bryant

In the video, Indi and Sawyer confess the reason behind their split, the former crush shares the reason why they broke up,  "With me having to like not to see each other as much. I think we’ve definitely realized that we were always best friends. We are best friends and it might be better to be best friends. However, Indi expressed hope that their relationship status might change later on when she said, “We are young, and it might change in like a year. Sindi was definitely real." And over the time Piper was still in a crushing relationship with Walker. So that's fair enough.

Meanwhile, Piper Rockelle and Leve Cameron - 'Liper' are recently making headlines confirming to be girlfriend and boyfriend. On the other hand, Walker and Indi also seem to be enjoying their quarantine with fun vlogs and fun time together. We sure hope fans favorite, Sawyer in no time will also find the 'one' - a happy ending.

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