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Jan 13, 2024 @ 10:26 EST
Despite the Net Worth, Why Mary Lou Retton Needed a Fundraiser & Had No Insurance | Celeb$fortune 2024

Delve into the complex financial journey of Olympic gymnastics icon Mary Lou Retton, from her dazzling gymnastics career to health struggles, the mystery of her net worth, and the surprising crowdfunding twist.

Mary Lou Retton, a name synonymous with gymnastics greatness, dazzled the world with her Olympic triumphs in the 1980s. Beyond her athletic prowess, her financial journey, including net worth, health insurance challenges, and a recent crowdfunding incident, paints a complex picture. Let's delve into the highs and lows of Mary Lou Retton's financial saga.

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The Enigma of Mary Lou Retton's Net Worth

Mary Lou Retton's journey to stardom began at the age of 8, evolving into a gymnastics prodigy with numerous national titles by 1983. The pinnacle of her career arrived at the 1984 Olympics, where she clinched a historic gold medal and became the first American woman to secure an all-around champion title.

This success catapulted her into the realm of lucrative endorsements, including Wheaties, Energizer, Purex, and more. These endorsements, combined with appearances in movies and TV shows, contributed significantly to her earnings.

As of 2024, estimating sources have evaluated Mary Lou Retton's net worth to be around $2 million. However, the lack of solid verification prompts a cautious approach. Net worth calculations involve various factors, such as assets, investments, and debts. While her gymnastics career and endorsements undoubtedly bolstered her wealth, the true extent of her financial standing remains a mystery.

Despite her Olympic success, financial challenges arose, especially with her divorce from husband Shannon Kelley in 2018, potentially impacting her net worth.

Why Retton Didn't Have Health Insurance

In October 2023, Mary Lou Retton faced a severe battle with a rare form of pneumonia, shedding light on her health struggles. Astonishingly, Retton, despite her estimated net worth, lacked health insurance.

The reasoning behind this absence remained unclear at the time, with speculation suggesting financial difficulties or lapses in coverage during the pandemic.

Mary Lou Retton (right) and Hoda Kotb taking a photo during/after their interview on the Today show.
Photo Source: Today/NBC

Retton expressed the gravity of her health crisis to Today in October 2023. Her eldest daughter, Shayla Schrepfer, told Today, "Things just went south really, really fast."

Retton's other daughter McKenna Kelly later commented on the lack fo health insurance her mother had, telling USA Today in January 2024 that it was due to her pre-existing conditions which included "over 30 orthopedic surgeries, including four hip replacements. Due to her medical history and the amount of surgeries she has endured from gymnastics and just life, it’s unaffordable for her."

The Crowdfunding Twist

The unexpected revelation of Retton's health crisis spurred her daughters to launch a crowdfunding campaign to cover medical expenses. The campaign, hosted on, exceeded all expectations, raising over $459,000. Notable contributions, including a $50,000 donation from businessman Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale, showcased public support for the gymnastics icon.

McKenna Kelley expressed surprise at the overwhelming response, emphasizing that it started as an earnest effort by four daughters to alleviate their mother's burden. In her words to USA Today, "We didn’t even think about what this would turn into. It was simply four daughters who felt helpless who wanted to help their mom."

The Financial Mystery Unveiled

Despite the substantial funds raised, the question arises: How has the money been utilized? Retton's daughter stated that after settling medical bills, the remaining funds would be donated to a charity of Retton's choice. However, specifics regarding expenditure and the exact amount earmarked for charity remain undisclosed.

Retton's health crisis, coupled with the crowdfunding success, highlights the financial vulnerability even prominent figures can face when navigating the complexities of healthcare in the United States.

Mary Lou Retton's financial journey, marked by gymnastics glory, endorsement success, health challenges, and a surprising crowdfunding twist, underscores the intricate interplay between wealth, fame, and healthcare.

As Retton continues her recovery, her journey serves as a reminder that financial struggles, even for the celebrated, can be as challenging as a perfect landing on the vault.

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