Peter Thiel's Boyfriend: What Happened to His Partner Jeff?

Apr 7, 2023 @ 17:21 EDT
Peter Thiel's Boyfriend: What Happened to His Partner Jeff?

People are curious to know more about Peter Thiel's boyfriend, Jeff Thomas, who fell to his death from his Miami apartment tower on March 8. After his separation from his longtime partner, Matt Danzeisen, people started believing Peter Thiel was once again successful in his love life, but it seems like he has never been lucky enough to enjoy his life with his partner for a long time.

Peter Thiel has lately been in the spotlight for many negative stories. Two weeks ago, he claimed that $50 million of his own money was stuck in SVB. Even as Thiel's Founders Fund advised corporations to withdraw their money from the bank—a decision primarily blamed for the bank's bankruptcy—Thiel said he kept a portion of his own $4 billion personal fortune in the bank.

After a long stretch of good days, the billionaire is now facing both professional and personal problems. Aside from the news from his professional life, he has also been dealing with issues in his personal life. He has recently lost his partner, Jeff Thomas, and has been interviewed by the police as part of their probe into the sudden death of Jeff.

After the news broke, people were more interested in learning more about Peter Thiel's personal life and if there were any news about his partner's death. What do you think—is he involved in the sudden death of Jeff? Well, in this article, we will be discussing his current life and the investigation. To know more about his boyfriend, read this article.

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Peter Thiel’s Boyfriend: Jeff Thomas Died on March 8 After Falling From His Miami Apartment Building!

Many are shocked by the news that Peter Thiel's boyfriend, Jeff Thomas, fell to his death from his Miami apartment tower on March 8. The police have been investigating for more information about the death and are said to be talking with Peter for more information.

Peter Thiel and his boyfriend Jeff Thomas.Peter Thiel and his boyfriend Jeff Thomas.
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Peter Andreas Thiel, aka Peter Thiel, is a German-American billionaire entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and political activist. He is originally from Frankfurt am Main, West Germany, and migrated to the United States, Cleveland, Ohio when Peter was one year old. There is no more information about how he came out and came to terms with his sexuality, but we can assume that the billionaire might have faced different problems as a 1960s kid.

What do you think made it easy for Peter to confront his parents about his sexuality? Well, for the public, people have been guessing his sexuality since 2007. His sexuality led many people to suspect him until he came out as gay in 2016 during the final evening session of the Republican National Convention. He stated:

Of course, every American has a unique identity, I am proud to be gay. I am proud to be a Republican. But most of all, I am proud to be an American. I don't pretend to agree with every plank in our party's platform. But fake culture wars only distract us from our economic decline.

By admitting the truth, Thiel became an inspiration to many normal people. You guys know how curious the media is to know the facts and how they made a small thing into a big deal. Likewise, after the confession, people started raising many questions about his love life. Right after one year of the Republican National Convention, he was reported to have married longtime partner Matt Danzeisen in October 2017 in Vienna, Austria.

Peter Thiel and Matt Danzeisen.Peter Thiel and Matt Danzeisen.
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Though the wedding was said to be done without media attention, many have said that it was a surprise to guests who thought they were celebrating Thiel's 50th birthday. People are wondering if the news were true or not but neither the picture nor the details of their relationship have ever made it to the public eye.

When did he start dating Matt? Are they on a rough path now? If they were in a relationship, when did they separate? Peter move on with Jeff after they separated? Every question has been asked to Thiel many times by his fans, but he seems to avoid the question about his love life.

Well, similarly, there is no information on when Peter Thiel started dating Jeff Thomas but the model said that their relationship started during the early stages of the pandemic. He also mentioned that he was also gifted with an expensive car and a $13 million Hollywood Hills home by Peter. During the interview, he stated some details about his relationship with the billionaire and professed:

It was stressful, he wanted me to get the nicest car, the nicest house, He wanted to kind of show his power, to kind of show that he had me in his dollhouse. If I’m gonna give up the relationships I have and give up my dreams right now, during COVID, or dating other guys or pursuing people, then I’m going to get a $300,000 car and I’m going to get a $13 million home.

After hearing from Jeff, many were happy to hear the news that Peter was all over him and that their relationship was going well. However, looking at the current situation, it seems like Thiel has never been lucky in love, as he lost his partner. Thomas fell to his death from his Miami apartment tower on March 8. The Miami police are investigating the recent death of the model and influencer as a suicide and are said to be talking to Peter  Thiel for more information.

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