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Jul 15, 2020 @ 12:28 EDT
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Grab all the info on Devon Terrell's role as King Arthur in the Netflix series Cursed. Also, learn about his character in Barry. In addition, get an insight into his parents, girlfriend, and net worth.

Born to normal working parents in Long Beach, California, American actor Devon Terrel has come a long way. After appearing in the 2016 Netflix biographical drama Barry as Young Obama, this California-born actor instantly became a national sensation.

Devon’s portrayal of former President of the United States has been lauded by several national and local publications like the New York Times.

After the huge success of the 2016 Netflix film, the American actor has turned out to be a major star. Terrel, born to parents of mixed ethnicity, has a masculine physique and his attractive looks has managed to bring a lot of followings.

Since 2016, or you could say after playing Barack Obama, Devon Terrell’s fans have been highly speculating his love life. Could he have a girlfriend or is he single, these are the most sought questions on his life, these days.

Find a brief disclosure about Devon’s family and dating history here.

Devon Terrell's Parents - Name of His Father & Mother?

Born to American parents in California, Devon Terrell began his career in 2015 through an uncredited role of Beverly Snow in Codes of Conduct. The next year he was cast as the lead in the Netflix film titled Barry. Since then, the actor has been the center of attention for several movie lovers.

Also, if you google his parents’ pictures, you will only find his photos popping out. Maybe the actor wants to keep his family life out of the limelight. But, what about his love life? Do we have any luck there? Let’s find out.

Does Devon Terrell Have a Girlfriend? Details of His Relationship Status and Dating History

While Devon Terrell seems pretty good at keeping his family life out of the reach of the media. We could say the same about his love life. Been in the tinsel town for five years, we have never had any rumors about Devon’s linkups. The actor is currently single enjoying his bachelorhood to the fullest.

Neither his social media nor the public domain provides a hint about his love life. It is possible that the actor never had a girlfriend. While there is nothing about his girlfriend on the internet, several media outlets have labeled him as single.

Born on October 23, 1992, the 27-year-old actor is just getting the taste of success in the movie industry. Possibly, he does not want to look for relationships right away. It is obviously a good idea to wait for the right person to spend life with. For now, there is nothing about Devon’s girlfriend, whether he's dating or engaged, or wedding plans on the internet.

What is Devon Terrell's Net Worth in 2020?

Devon Terrell has appeared in two TV shows and three movies to date. Through each endeavor, Terrell could have garnered a decent net worth. However, the details about his net worth and annual earnings are not disclosed in the media.

Devon Terrell Stars as Arthur in the Netflix series Cursed

Netflix is taking viewers on an epic journey to Camelot! But, instead of following just the age-old tale of the sorcerer Merlin sealing the powerful sword Excalibur in stone until the man who is deemed worthy (spoiler, it's Arthur) is able to pull it out and wield it, this new series follows a character audiences do not know much about, the Lady of the Lake.

The series Cursed is based on the Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler book of the same title and follows a young woman named Nimue (Katherine Langford) who eventually becomes the Lady of the Lake. You know, the woman who watches over the sword and presents it to Arthur.

"One of the things about the Arthurian legend is that there are very, very few female characters, and if there are female characters, there's no narrative about them," the actor told Refinery29 about her role in the fantasy series.

Adding, "It's really the first retelling of Arthurian legend through the eyes of a woman and it was something that I finished reading and I just literally flipped out and went, F--k, this is really good."

While fans will probably recognize Katherine from her role in Netflix's 13 Reasons Why and the blockbuster Knives Out, her co-star Devon Terrell is certainly one to watch!

Devon Previously Played Young Obama in Barry

In 2016, the actor starred as former President Barack Obama in the Netflix film Barry, which details his college years in Harlem. So, how did the Australian newcomer get cast in the role?

"My agent actually called me and said there’s a script called Barry and it happens to be about Barack Obama. I had a little freak-out about it. And then he said, “If you like it, the director wants you to try out for it.” I read it and absolutely loved the script," he told Vogue in 2016.

Adding, "I had such an emotional attachment to it. It’s such an incredible journey. It felt like a slice-of-life piece, and that’s what I loved about it. I got the role in the first audition."

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