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Jul 11, 2020 @ 8:05 EDT
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katina eats kilos

Katina Eats Kilos (born Katina DeJarnett) is a food challenger and competitive eater, who gained popularity following her videos of eating large meal got viral on YouTube. Katina's channel boasts impressive subscribers of more than 156,000. The social media personality posts her eating challenges on her YouTube channel.

The food challenger and competitive eater, Katina, is popular competitive eater who is loved by all of her fans and followers. Recently, the social media personality is also active on Instagram with the name "@katina_eats_kilos" where she boasts 17,8000 on her account. The star YouTuber, apart from being famous for her eating challenges, she is a well-known fitness enthusiast as well

Katina is often seen keeping herself busy in workouts, moreover, the social media personality also shares her exercise session via her Instagram account.

10 Facts About Katina Eats Kilos (Katina DeJarnett)

01. Katina Eats Kilos’s real name is Katina DeJarnett, the personality rose to fame through her popular  YouTube, as well as Instagram account ‘Katina_Eats_Kilos’.

02. According to some unverified sources, Katina Dejarnett is 24 years old as of 2020.

03. As of July of 2020, The social media personality, Katina DeJarnett, aka Katina Eats Kilos, doesn't have a Wikipedia page.

04. According to some unverified sources, Katina Dejarnett has an estimated net worth of $100,000.

05. Katina DeJarnet is Russian-American social media personality, however, the reports come from unverified sources.

06. Katina Dejarnet, aka Katina Eats Kilos, is well recognized for her as competitive eating, following her competition in several eating competitions.

07. Recently, Katina Dejarnett is gaining popularity through her YouTube channel, her channel boasts an impressive subscribers list of more than 159,000.

08. What else is known about her is that she is also an entertainer who loves to make her followers laugh.

09. According to her social media and other sources, the social media personality, Katina Dejarnett, is still single as of 2020.

10. Katina Dejarnett, aka Katina Eats Kilos, following her massive success on YouTube, the social media personality has embarked on her journey to gain followers on Instagram. The 24-year-old boasts an impressive followers list of more than 17,800.

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