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Jul 17, 2020 @ 16:21 EDT
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Know about Noah Beck, find out if he is bisexual, dating James Charles, Sway House Drama, Noah Beck's age, height, wiki, bio, net worth, and more.

Here's everything we know about Noah Beck, find out if he is bisexual, dating James Charles, Sway House Drama, Noah Beck's age, height, wiki, bio, net worth, and more.

Noah Beck is an American TikTok star who came into prominence for his lifestyle, sports, and comedy skits on the video-sharing platforms.  Noah's popularity follows him to other social media platforms as well.

Noah has more than 6.3M fans and 218 likes on TikTok, while on Instagram, Beck has more than 1.8 million followers.  The social media star is also known for his social group, Sway House. The group was formed in late 2019 by TalentX Entertainment.

TalentX is a talent management company representing a number of popular social stars like Noah Beck himself. So, we have gathered a little information about our lad, Noah Beck. Stick with us to know more about him.

Some Facts to Know About Noah Beck

01. Noah Beck is a big name in social media, especially on TikTok, the social star often shares his lifestyle, sports, and comedy related content on a short video sharing platform. He is equally significant on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

02. Noah Beck attended the University of Portland; however, there's only a little information if he completed his education or not. Some fans assume he dropped out of school.

03. Before Noah came to found the spotlight, he played soccer at the NCAA Division 1 level, but apparently, he received widespread attention, including in TikTok through his soccer skills.

04. Beck is blessed with two older sisters, Tatum Beck and Haley Beck.

05. Noah Beck is speculated that he is gay; however, things have taken a different turn following the release of the video by Bryce Hall on his YouTube channel.

What Happened Between Noah Beck and James Charles? Are they Dating?

On Thursday, Bryce Hall uploaded a video on his YouTube channel with a rather interesting title, "Noah Beck is Dating James Charles," but wait, the speculation about their romance started a day earlier.

According to the reports, on 15 July 2020, James Charles uploaded a video on his TikTok with Noah Beck, where the two are grooving to Saweetie - Tap In' song. Following this, people started to speculate the two are dating.

Watch: Noah Beck is Dating James Charles

And this is where the interesting part comes, Bryce Hall's video, with the interesting title, was nothing but a clickbait. On the video, Bryce walks in on Noah doing James' makeup, and in a mood have a little fun, Bryce tells his viewers James and Beck are dating. However, he doesn't keep the secret for too long, and admits his title "is a clickbait."

Following hours of speculations from fans, Noah has issued a message that he is straight, not bisexual or gay. On his Instagram, the social star commented, "I am straight... I love James, but yes, I'm straight <3. "

Noah Beck, Griffin Johnson, Kio Cyr and Mark Anastasio Talks About Sway House Drama, Relationship and More

The Hollywood Fix met with Sway House gangs and asks them about their recent visit to James Charles' house, followers count, and other exciting stuff about the social stars.

Watch: Noah Beck, Griffin Johnson, Kio Cyr & Mark Anastasio Talk Sway House Drama, Relationships & More!

When the interviewer asked Noah about Sway House, and how did it happen, Beck replies, "oh man it's a whole just meeting the right people, I mean, I just got lucky, to be honest, in terms of just, uh Blake actually reached out when I was at like 50K, Blake got me where I am and then introduced me to everyone, and we all become really good friends."

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