Saucy Santana’s Boyfriend in 2023: Uncover the Secret Boyfriend!

Sep 6, 2023 @ 0:43 EDT
Saucy Santana’s Boyfriend in 2023: Uncover the Secret Boyfriend!

Saucy Santana might have a secret boyfriend as of 2023! When he posted about his low-key love life content on his TikTok account, many people started questioning him about his relationship. However, none of the questions have been answered by him, but people say that he might be dating his ex-boyfriend, Chef Dee Monster.

Rashad Jamiyl Spain also known as Saucy Santana, is an American rapper. He started his professional career in the music industry by working as a makeup artist for City Girls which led him to gain interest in rapping. He gained fame after he appeared as a recurring guest on the third season of the reality television franchise Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

Recently, Saucy has been in the news after his music video was a huge success. The music video was released on August 16, 2023, and has 40k views in the original video. The video was a collaboration between Khadijah and Saucy Santana, and many people love the duo combination. The comment section is all about the positive reaction to their confidence and sense of humor.

After the release of the song, Broke, many seem to be interested in Saucy's personal life. In this article, we will be talking about his personal life, gender, dating history, and details about his boyfriend. To know more about his boyfriend as of 2023, read this article.

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Saucy Santana Has Not Talked About His Boyfriend 2023

As of 2023, Saucy Santana has not revealed any details about his boyfriend. He is believed to have a private relationship with a mystery boy. He has confirmed being in a relationship with girls and boys. However, till now, he has not revealed the name of his girlfriend but has openly talked about being with Chef Dee Monster in the past.

Saucy has been very open about his sexuality, but a little private about his dating life. His content about his boyfriend has always been interesting things to watch on TikTok for his fans. On February 17, 2023, when he posted a reel saying he has been trying to hide his love life when everybody already thinks they know, many people got more curious to know about his love life.

There are many rumors regarding Suacy's boyfriend as some of them claim that he has been dating someone new after breaking up with Chef Dee.  Well, if we go through his Instagram, there are many unknown faces with whom he seems to be close and the guessing game says that he might have a secret boyfriend or he is back with his ex-boyfriend Chef.

Saucy Santana and Chef Dee were in a relationship. celebsfortune.comSaucy Santana and Chef Dee were in a relationship.
Image Source: Instagram

Saucy and his ex-boyfriend, Chef Dee, have a confused relationship. While in 2021 they made their way apart and called it a quit of their relationship, they were spotted in 2022 holding hands in public. As of 2023, there is still confusion about whether the couple is dating or on break, but some say that they are in a loving relationship.

Who Is Saucy Santana’s Ex-boyfriend Chef Dee? What Is He Currently Doing?

Devon Bussell, better known as Chef Dee Monster (@chefdeemonsterr), is the owner of the restaurant, which is well-known for its creative and unique menu items. He began showing his interest in cooking as a teenager, and by 18 he was working as a chef. Besides cooking, he is known as one of the cast members of Bad Boys season 2 and has also appeared in the REAL Housewives of Beverly Hills franchise.

In 2022, when Chef Dee appeared in the reality show Bad Boys season 2, he admitted to being single. He has more than 185k followers on his Instagram, where he mostly uploads new food recipes. He also owns Monster Meals, a food truck in Los Angeles and Las Vegas that was founded in November 2021.

Did Saucy Santana Ever Date a Girl?

Saucy Santana has seen many ups and downs in his love life. As everyone knows, he is bisexual and has had a few relationships in the past with girls and boys. He spoke about his struggle during an interview in 2022 with Mona Love and mentioned some of the news about his love life, ex-girlfriend, and boyfriend. He revealed that he came out as gay as a teen and talked about his past relationships, as he stated:

I had came out as bisexual at first, just thinking, if I come out bisexual, b*tches will get the clue. And that’s why I tell people to this day, be yourself - b*tches gonna f*ck with you regardless. I told everybody I was bisexual and girls still wanted to be my girlfriend.

Saucy Santana had a physical relationship with only one girl till now. celebsfortune.comSaucy Santana had a physical relationship with only one girl till now.
Image Source: Instagram

Continuing the interview, Santana also talked about how he has only been physically intimate with one girl and how she has confused him. He also mentioned that he was not initially about to have physical relations with a girl, and that was just a trial.

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