Shakur Stevenson

Oct 30, 2019 @ 14:25 EDT

Learn the envying net worth of boxing tycoon Shakur Stevenson.

Shakur Stevenson is a professional boxer known for some of her astonishing plays, and his knockouts. He holds a professional boxing record of 13 wins with zero loss.

But in the article, we are here to learn about the staggering net worth Shakur was able to garn through his professional career in boxing. Without wasting any time let's dig in,

Shakur Stevenson Net Worth

Shakur Stevenson Net Worth

The rising boxing star Shakur Stevenson holds a net worth of $100,000. 
SOURCE: Shakur Stevenson Instagram

Steveson is a rising star, to date, Shakur's career inclines toward the club of successful boxers, however, the young boxer is yet to name himself alongside the legends Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather.

An average boxer makes around $35,584 annually, ranging from a minimal $22,000 to a maximum of $37,000. So, accounting all that, and his recent World title match with Joet Gonzalez- which we have mentioned below, Shakur holds a net worth of $100 thousand and growing.

The American boxer has however not disclosed about his earnings, fights per match and the total fortune he holds.

Nevertheless, Shakur recently signed with Top Rank Promotion and is expected to earn a huge amount per fight. We sure wish to see him among the big names.

Shakur Fought With His Girlfriend's Brother

The Olympic medalist-turned undefeated starfighter taking on an unheralded yet gifted and undefeated enemy isn't really new thing in boxing. Shakur Stevenson vows to bust his girlfriends' brother Joet Gonzalez.

Shakur Stevenson is the oldest of all nine siblings. He followed the footsteps of American professional boxer, Andre Ward.Stevenson won the match and is trending all over the media. He has an amazing 23-0 international record and is the first American male to bags the junior and youth world titles and a Youth Olympic Games gold medal. So it definitely was tough to beat the beast, Shakur.
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