Who Was Tandi Andrews' Boyfriend? Was Ron Her Husband?

Jun 15, 2023 @ 8:40 EDT
Who Was Tandi Andrews' Boyfriend? Was Ron Her Husband? celebsfortune.com

Tandi Andrews and her boyfriend, Roy, once appeared in a television interview and talked about their relationship and their gender ideologies. However, they weren't husband and wife.

When people heard and remembered the Mexican drag performer Erica Andrews, they also remembered her foster mother, Tandi Andrews. Ericka was a Mexican international and national beauty pageant title winner, drag performer, actress, entrepreneur, and activist. She began her career working as a make-up artist and consultant at department store makeup counters for MAC Cosmetics and also for Glamour Shots.

Everybody knows June is known as Pride Month, and LGBTQ+ families celebrate the whole month. Erica, who was SA's brightest LGBT star, is no longer in this world, and this month people are recalling her work. People also have been recalling her foster mother Tandi who adopted Ericka when she was at her lowest point.

On the other hand, many people have been interested to know more about Tandi Andrews and wonder if she ever had a boyfriend or a husband. Well, we've got you covered.

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Tandi Andrews and Her Boyfriend, Roy, Discussed Their Identities During a Television Interview!

Tandi Andrews was reportedly in a relationship with her boyfriend, Roy. There is no more information regarding his personal life or their love life, but it seems like the couple was very happy at the time they were together.

Tandi Andrews was in a relationship with her boyfriend, Roy. celebsfortune.comTandi Andrews was in a relationship with her boyfriend, Roy.
Image Source: Facebook

During the show, the couple talked exclusively about their relationship and gender identities, but Ron doesn't seem to be a popular person, as his details are nowhere to be mentioned.

Other than Tandi's boyfriend being Ron, no other information is ever revealed or discussed. Throughout her career, she was rumored to have had relationships with many co-stars, but none were proven to be true.

Was Roy Tandi Andrews’ Husband?

No, Tandi Andrews and Roy were never a husband and a wife as they never got married. There is no evidence of them getting married on the internet.

What Happened to Tandi Andrews? What Was the Cause of Her Death?

Birth and death are two parts of our lives. Everything comes to an end, and we can't control things. All we can do is pray for it to end smoothly. Similarly, when Tandi Andrews died on February 15, 1995, her fans were very sad, and many posted about her death in their feeds. She died of AIDS in San Antonio, Texas. No doubt, the artist was always a loved person with a clean personality.

Tandi Andrews died because of cancer. celebsfortune.comTandi Andrews died because of cancer.
Image Source: Facebook

Tandi had very weak health when she died. She tried to fight cancer for more than one year, but she ended up failing and her sickness won. Till today, she is remembered, and her mark will never be unseen. She has made her name in history, and now it looks like June is all we have to celebrate with her memory.

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