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Nov 2, 2021 @ 13:16 EDT
This Is Kash Doll's Baby Daddy Tracy T's Net Worth

Detroit Rapper and Youtuber, Tracy Richardson [October 7, 1986], aka Tracy T, has been living a lavish life with his now pregnant girlfriend Kash Doll, also an American Rapper and Instagram baddie.

Limelight shone upon the rapper and musician as Kash Doll revealed that she was in a relationship with Tracy. Fans have now been very keen on knowing all about the Back 2 Da Streets singer, especially his net worth. Here's everything we know about the badass rapper.

Getting Shot Four Times, Losing Almost 50 Pounds, and $700,000 Hospital Bill, Tracy T Had Rough Early Years

Originally from East Atlanta, Tracy had a very tumultuous upbringing. As he says in an interview with Off the Porch, he had to learn from people around him to know what to do and what not to do. Whether it was watching people go up or seeing their mistakes, young Tracy's keen eyes taught him what he needed to do to succeed and make it into the industry.

With all his family members on the streets, Tracy jumped off the porch at the early age of 14. Young and naive, with no one to guide him, the now successful rapper didn't know about the darkness of the path he was on and the consequences of his decisions. Nevertheless, Tracy acknowledges how he learned from all his mistakes and now has the best life he could ever imagine.

It was during an attempted robbery at the age of 22 that the now 30-year-old rapper got shot four times. The incident shook Tracy's core and eventually, he decided to change his ways. As Tracy always says, "Follow your gut", he managed to bounce back from all the downfalls and has now established himself as a successful musician.

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With his first single Swagger Right Check released in 2009, the hustler has released quite a number of bangers. In collaboration with Beat Billionaire Production, Tracy released another single 16 in 2013. A joint project with Yowda named 50 Shades of Green and Narcos was later released in 2015. Tracy has since then been working quite hard to make a name for himself in the music industry.

The Wolf of All Streets (The Rise of a Atlanta Hustler) in 2016, Millionaire Nightmares in 2017, and Sh*t Done Changed in 2018 are some of the albums released by Tracy T down the years. The astounding rapper released another joint album named Book 1: In the Beginning in collaboration with other phenomenal artists like Blo5k Lil A, Bla5er, and 3$ Joe. The collaboration was quite a success, and Tracy says that he has been blessed to have the opportunity to work with people who feel more like family.

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With his most recently released new project, Never 2 Late, on April 13, 2020, Tracy T has bagged quite an amount of cash and reserved his seat in the hearts of his fans. As the rapper says his inspiration to create music is his audience, their love, and support, he has been able to serve hot street hits.

This Is Tracy T's Net Worth

From being broke, into drugs, buried under medical bills, and having to rob to make cash, the His & Hers singer is now a millionaire. After recovering from the shooting incident which almost killed him, Tracy has actively been working on his music career, ensuring he lives a respectful and lavish life. Taking the rapper's musical earnings, social earning as well as assets into account, Tracy T's estimated net worth is around $500,000.

Tracy T sitting out the driver seat of a white car with the door opened.The MB chain is quite significant to the rapper.
Photo Source: Tracy T, Instagram

Working as a musician for a long time, Tracy has surely bagged quite the amount at the bank. He's got quite a few admirers on social media as well. The Detroit rapper has just about 8,500 subscribers on his YouTube channel (Tracy T) which is steadily on the rise. Similarly, he has garnered over 255,000 followers on Instagram, which could make him $1,000 per post if he plays his sponsorship cards right.

A humble guy mixed with a dash of style and swag, Tracy T can be seen draped in bling and jewels and pretty much seems to enjoy the luxury of life. Tracy can be seen flexing his cars in many of his Instagram posts, recent one captioned, "At this point, I’m just flipping da extras!!!!!" featuring one of his vintage cars. Another one says, "They told me I’m gaining weight I told em I’m gettin paid ….," and we are all here to see Tracy flex his riches!

Kash Doll's Baby Daddy?! Tracy T and Kash Doll Are Expecting a Child

Rapper Kash Doll, aka Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, has recently revealed that she's having a baby with Tracy T. With mesmerizing pictures of her baby bump, Kash Doll revealed that she's pregnant through an Instagram post, as the caption reads "The Lord just keeps on blessing me! Look it’s a baby in there ? and today it’s the bmf premiere ? I’m so overwhelmed with joy ? #divineorder #Godstiming". Tracy, too has taken it to his Instagram and posted the picture of his baby mama simply captioned, "Loading……"

Kash Doll with boyfriend Tracy T during the BMF event.There's just nothing to ruin their romance right now.
Photo Source: Tracy T, Instagram

The couple is thrilled to have a baby and can be seen extremely in love with each other. Though speculations of Tracy cheating on Kash have been out, the rapper has denied the accusations and still seem to be in a relationship with each other. The two were recently seen together at the world premiere of BMF.

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The pair seem to be quite happy together as Kash has posted a picture with Tracy captioned, "The parents (he’s really taller than me without the ? but it’s coo ?)". A similar one can be seen on Tracy's Instagram as well. The couple seems to be ready to co-parent their baby-on-the-way together, and who knows when they might tie the knot too. 

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