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Apr 2, 2021 @ 16:12 EDT
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Ace Vane Got His Net Worth to Trend with an April Fools Post

Ace Vane [b. March 6] is an American YouTuber and musician, known for his hilarious voiceover of clips from cartoons, particularly of the superhero genre. He's also expanded his voiceover work to trending topics, like the video Derrik Jaxn released ironically on his own relationship drama (to be recent) or the Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson bout.

Born and raised in Duval County, he and his music partner, Ran Man, stood out because of their parents in the neighborhood deemed the poorest in the city of Jacksonville, Florida, with a high crime rate, as mentioned in his Reverbnation bio profile.

There's still a debate over what anyone should call his profession, as he's released comedy videos on multiple genres. But it's definitely accepted among the fans that his content is vastly entertaining, especially his quarantine series during the quarantine.

Ace Vane Has His Own Animator to Cartoonize Himself or the Characters on His Videos

Currently, Ace Vane has just over 100,000 subscribers on his self-titled primary YouTube channel. And while it's not defined as massive in context to the bigger ones, the viewers are getting their worth for the time they spend on his videos.

Ace Vane's animated figure photobombing a snapshot of Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion in their music video.Ace Vane loves photobombing celebrities.
Photo Source: Ace Vane, Instagram

Normally, he chooses a random clip from cartoons, edits the video to match the story he created for the clip, and voices over the dialogues he's prepared, not strictly in that order, to create a comedy piece. They turn out to be something similar to the Bad Lip Reading videos that have previously went viral on YouTube.

In an episode of Godswill Ugwa Jr.’s That's Dope! podcast in September 2020, he mentions that he started doing voiceovers of this kind in around 2012/2013. He went active on Vine with such voiceovers, around the time another someone started big with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles clips. To move out of the franchise, he chose the DC Universe.

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His choice of the clips to do the voiceovers of, he says, often is inspired by what he grew up on. The result is the mini-parodies of superhero franchises like the DC Universe often taking place in his YouTube playlist. But, as everyone should have already noticed, he's sprinkled a lot of Disney as well. In certain videos, original animations are also present, particularly the cartoonized version of himself, for which he credits his animator, Jordan "JD" Jenkins.

He Was Formerly One Half of the Hip-Hop Duo, 'Meanz of Operation'

As he mentioned in his podcast appearance, Ace Vane had music at the top of his priority list as a career path before his videos tracked significant views on YouTube. He's a songwriter, producer, and singer as well. In fact, he was part of a hip-hop/pop-rock duo called Meanz of Operation (M.O.) with his Jacksonville partner, Ran Man, and released dozens of singles under the name.

Ace Vane fist-bumping 'The Global Entry Podcast' host Jason Campbell in front of the side of the car.Ace Vane has appeared in a number of podcasts to date.
Photo Source: Ace Vane, Instagram

It's also one of the reasons many cannot find official songs under his name, but he does feature with other local artists as well. "Meanz does not just talk about the things that make you cry," their Reverbnation bio says. "They talk about the things that make you laugh, the things that make you dance."

Ace Vane Trends His Own Net Worth

In a recent Instagram post, Ace Vane photoshopped a Google Search on his net worth and made himself a millionaire as part of April Fools Day, then wrote in the caption of the post, "Google is really misinforming people." Of course, the list he had for his results isn't available, considering the weird profession that was mentioned.

Ace Vane's April Fools Day post.The message was a little sus.
Photo Source: Ace Vane, Instagram

To a comment about the surprise of knowing he was a millionaire, he casually responded, "it’s April 1st." The comment section was filled with laugh-out-loud responses, as one would expect. Of course, Doja Cat's inclusion in the post made it all the more funny.

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In a more believable number, Ace Vane's net worth is estimated to be $150,000. With 102,000 subscribers on YouTube and 164,000 followers on Instagram, he earns primarily from sponsorships, for which he says, "You should trust me." Additionally, he also sells merchandise that includes hoodies and T-shirts. He also has a TikTok account with about 75,000 followers, in case you need it.

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