On January 29, 2023 By Chloe Sanchez

Oliver Moy

While Sway House and Hype House were having a cold war of their one, Oliver Moy (b. March 7, 2001) and his brother Sebastian Moy came up with a new...
On January 28, 2023 By Chloe Sanchez

Dale Orlando

Can you believe the father of popular Canadian musician-actor, Johnny Orlando is actually a lawyer? Well, not only that but Dale Vincent Orlando (b. March 17, 1969), or just Dale...
On January 5, 2023 By Chloe Sanchez

Brooke Norris

Meet Brooke Norris (b. March 18, 1980), the real reason behind the success of The Norris Nuts. Brooke is a former swimmer, now a social media content creator, and a YouTube...
On December 19, 2022 By Chloe Sanchez

Scarlett Gray Smith

If there comes a day when you feel sad and down, then you may want to take a mental note from a five-year-old Scarlett Gray Smith, who has been spreading...
On November 26, 2022 By Chloe Sanchez

Roman Griffin Davis

A star is born! That's what everyone has to say about Roman Griffin Davis's (March 5, 2007) portrayal of Jojo Betzler, a Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany, in Taika Waititi's...
On November 24, 2022 By Chloe Sanchez

Emily Alexander

Emily Michelle Alexander aka Emily Alexander (b. March 23, 2000) is an aspiring American YouTuber and social media influencer who is popular for her fashion blogs, pranks, challenges, and clothing...
On September 6, 2022 By Amanda Garcia

Saby Hesri

"Spontaneous, Imaginative, and Sensitive," that's how Saby Hesri [b. March 17, 1998] describes herself as. And if you might be wondering who she is, Saby is one of the rising...
On August 29, 2022 By Amanda Garcia

Rylan Olivia McKnight

Rylan Olivia McKnight (b. March 29, 2005) is an aspiring social media influencer best known for appearing in the infamous hair tutorial channel, Cute Girls Hairstyles, now already renamed after...
On August 19, 2022 By Amanda Garcia

Julien Brown

If one thing fans hate about the content house like Hype House and Sway House is their unnecessary drama and never-ending fights, and of course, their rudeness too. And that’s...
On July 31, 2022 By Amanda Garcia

Tim Schaecker

Tim Schaecker, or Tim Schäcker, (b. March 12, 1999) is a German TikToker, YouTuber, Instagram influencer, and model notable for his skits, dance, and lip-sync videos. And more than that,...
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