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Jul 22, 2022 @ 10:51 EDT
Charles & Alyssa Forever's Alyssa Hyde Argued Plastic Surgery with Boyfriend | Celeb$fortune 2022

If the internet is consistent about one thing, it’s producing a young generation of people to become new booming social media influencers. And Alyssa Hyde (April 16, 1996) is one of those social media influencers who rose to fame thanks to YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram pages.

Hyde, who is originally from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, dreamed to be a veterinarian since childhood, but her fate took a 360º turn when she met the love of her life, Charles Davis, who eventually helped her become a social media influencer. During her childhood, she was bullied for her crooked nose and grew up being insecure about it. She has a brother named Spencer Scott Hyde and is dog mama to Sushi.

Alyssa Hyde Got Lots of Hate for Plastic Surgery: Here's How She Looked Before And After Surgery.

If you have been a regular follower of Alyssa Hyde then you might know about the rumors about her getting several plastic surgery procedures including a nose job, lip filler, breast augmentation, buttocks enhancement, and many more. Some of these rumors are indeed true as Hyde herself has admitted and even filmed the whole process of getting plastic surgeries in her videos.

Alyssa Hyde wearing unbuttoned coat only for a top sitting on the floor with jeans on looking to her right.Hyde even called her mom to deny some accusations in front of Davis.
Photo Source: Alyssa Hyde, Instagram

The American influencer first got under the knife at the age of 23 for a nose job as her nose was crooked at the top and her cartilage was all twisted which made her hate her nose since she was very young. She got a rhinoplasty from a world-renowned expert plastic surgeon named Dr. Ashkan Ghavami.

After her rhinoplasty surgery, Alyssa again went under the knife for breast augmentation. As her left boob was bigger than her right, she got 310 ccs on the left and got 330 ccs on the right side as per the suggestion of Dr. Ghavami.

Hyde has always been vocal about her plastic surgeries and even shared the whole process, complications, and her experience after getting these surgeries, and fans have praised her for her honesty time and again. However, not everyone has good things to say about it as there have been a few people who think that Hyde should inspire young girls to love and embrace their natural bodies instead of promoting this fakeness with plastic surgery.

Alyssa Hyde's Net Worth Is Rising As Fast As Her Followers.

As of 2022, Alyssa Hyde is estimated to be worth $500,000 earned through her social media endeavors and modeling career. However, the majority of her income obviously comes from her YouTube channel, Charles & Alyssa Forever, which she shares with her boyfriend, Charles Davis. Apart from their main channel, they also have other two YouTube channels, Charles & Alyssa Vlogs and Charles & Alyssa Shorts where they have over 130K subscribers and 5.91K subscribers respectively.

In fact, the channel was originally launched by Davis as DomandCharles on June 24, 2010, but later got renamed Charles & Alyssa Forever in 2018. They posted their first video together titled Balloon Pop Challenge! as a couple in December 2018 which got over 1.21 million views.

Alyssa Hyde dressed in black with leather tights standing in front of a black Range Rover.She made it as a YouTube couple rather than on her own.
Photo Source: Alyssa Hyde, Instagram

The couple now has over 2 million subscribers on their channel where they have posted over 556 videos with a total view count of 210 million views. They make an average of $1,000 per video from their YouTube channel and have conducted giveaways including iPhone, iPad, mac books, and money to their subscribers since the very beginning.

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The lovebirds also have a joint TikTok account, @charlesandalyssa4ever, where they have over 2.9 million followers and make around $2,200 per sponsored post and live stream. Moreover, they earn around $2,000 per sponsored post from their Instagram account, (@charlesandalyssa) where they have over 525K followers.

Being a YouTube sensation, Hyde is also quite popular on her personal Instagram page, (@alyssa.hyde). With over 610K followers, she makes an average of $2,400 per post strictly from sponsorships and brand endorsements. They are at a disadvantage in terms of follower count considering it has been decreasing in the past few months.

When Are Alyssa Hyde and Charles Davis Getting Married? Is Alyssa Pregnant?

It won't be wrong to say Alyssa Hyde and Charles Davis are one of the most loved couples on the internet. The pair started talking in January 2018 but only started dating in October the same year and have been together for nearly four years now. And now fans are eagerly waiting for Davis to pop the question and ask Hyde to be his wife. What's more, even Hyde was wondering why he has not proposed to her yet and confronted him during a video.

In the video titled CONFRONTING My Boyfriend On WHY HE HASN'T PROPOSED YET, Davis clarified that he is not ready to get married at the moment but will surely ask her for marriage one day, not because of family pressure or internet pressure but when he feels like he is in the position to get married. He even justified his action by saying he has never seen a successful marriage.

Alyssa Hyde (left) and Charles Davis (right) on a gold colored sofa (90-degree arranged) posing for an almost kiss.While fans may be ambivalent about their relationship, they are living in their own world.
Photo Source: Alyssa Hyde, Instagram

However, fans were not happy with Charles' answer and pointed out Hyde deserves someone better as he even tried to straight-up walk away as soon as she brought up the marriage talk. Some fans even noticed that Hyde herself was not so happy with his clarifications and suggested Charles at least give her some validation and reassurance.

Before Charles, the 5'1" social media sensation was in eight years relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, the couple has pranked their viewers by saying that they are pregnant many times due to which some fans still think that the lovebirds are expecting a baby. That is yet to happen.

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