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Jul 24, 2022 @ 11:13 EDT
'Charles & Alyssa Forever's Charles Davis Ever Proposing Girlfriend Alyssa Hyde? | Celeb$fortune 2022

It’s true that social media platforms have been home to different bloggers, influencers, YouTubers, and many others. It has not only been the platform for fun but also for finding the love of life, and also goes well with finance. And here we present to you all details of the famous American YouTuber and Instagram Star, Charles Davis, who's experienced all the aforementioned aspects of the industry.

Charles Davis' Rise To Fame

Charles Davis rose to fame from his YouTube channel Charles & Alyssa Forever, originally changed from his personal channel DomandCharles, accompanied by his girlfriend Alyssa Hyde, where they mostly post different kinds of vlogs (survival vlogs, birthday vlogs, etc), pranks, challenges, Q&A, storytime, and as well as their home/apartment tour.

Besides their main channel Charles & Alyssa Forever, they also have Charles & Alyssa Vlogs joined on Oct 23, 2020, with 2.5M views, and Charles & Alyssa Shorts joined on Jul 26, 2021. An Indianapolitan YouTuber was born on October 24, 1992, whose parent’s details are yet to be revealed, but he does have a sister whose name is still unknown. Likewise, he hasn’t even shared his educational journey.

Charles Davis (left) and Alyssa Hyde (right) kissing while sitting on the hood of his dream McLaren car.Hyde was insistent on approaching him first.
Photo Source: Charles & Alyssa Forever, Instagram

The American YouTuber never wanted to be the man he is now. He rather planned to go NFL as he was a football player back then in college. He also had a backup plan to be a stockbroker as he holds a finance degree. The YouTube sensation showed up on MTV’s Ex on the Beach in 2018 and also filmed with Joe Torgerson to promote the same show. Earlier, the YouTube star ran a comedy show named Dom & Charles.

Charles Davis and Alyssa Hyde Are Tying the Knot Soon?

Charles Davis is in a lovey-dovey relationship with his girlfriend Alyssa Hyde. It all started when Charles returned home in January 2018 from the Ex on the Beach and was just going through his Instagram, and Alyssa’s other account pop out. Then, they started to chat & exchanged numbers but initially never got to hang out.

In May 2018, Alyssa went to Arizona to look for a job, apartment, and more. And all thanks to Alyssa’s friend who had Tinder & Bumble, they found Charles and messaged him to follow Alyssa on Instagram, and they even had a daily chat. And they officially dated from October 3, 2018. Now, they have been together for three years and have been enchanting their followers through their love life.

There have been questions about when they will tie the knot among the fans and even among themselves. They have not given a concrete timeline about it yet, especially Davis, who confessed that he would pop the question when the time is right. And the right time is when he is absolutely sure that he wants to be married. While fans may not find it favorable, the couple has been going strong even through it.

Charles Davis' Net Worth In 2022

As per estimating sources, Charles Davis is estimated to be worth $500,000 thanks to his huge fan following on social media sites, especially his YouTube channel. In fact, the channel was originally launched by Davis as DomandCharles on June 24, 2010, but later got renamed Charles & Alyssa Forever in 2018. They posted their first video titled Balloon Pop Challenge! as a couple in December 2018 which got over 1.21 million views.

Charles Davis (left) and girlfriend Alyssa Hyde (right) sitting on the beach with Dior bags behind them.They've also flaunted their wealth multiple times with photos as well.
Photo Source: Charles Davis, Instagram

The couple now has over 2 million subscribers on their channel where they have posted over 556 videos with a total view count of 220 million views. They make an average of around $1,000 per video from their YouTube channel and have conducted giveaways including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and even money to their subscribers since the very beginning.

The lovebirds also have a joint TikTok account, charlesandalyssa4ever, where they have over 2.9 million followers and make around $2,200 per sponsored post. Moreover, they earn around $2,000 per sponsored post from their Instagram account, @charlesandalyssa, where they have over 525K followers.

Being a YouTube sensation himself, Hyde is also quite popular on his personal Instagram page (@iamcharlesdavis). With over 418K followers, he makes an average of $1,400 per post from sponsorships and brand endorsements.

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