Anna Maiche Boyfriend - Tiny Pretty Things Actress Dating Up-And-Coming Singer

Dec 27, 2020 @ 18:52 EST
Anna Maiche and her boyfriend, Jonathan Lorenzo.

Here's what you should know about Anna Maiche's boyfriend and their relationship in 2020.

Anna Maiche, an actress we know from her stint on the Netflix series, "Tiny Pretty Things." She plays the character of a very talented dancer, "Cassie Shore," but her character is something that didn't appeal to the audience.

We don't like to spoil much about her character, but the script tells Anna Maiche's character is the most talented student in the faux prestigious dance academy in the show, and her friends dislike that she is the number one.

When talking about Anna in real life, she is actually a real dancer. Maiche grew up in ballet and spent much of her time dancing, and we assume she is pretty good for the role of Cassie Shore.

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Looking at her social media profiles, her life is pretty much an open book. She is often seen sharing her personal life on social media, and that's exactly how we found out Anna Maiche has a boyfriend. So, who is the lucky one? Let's find out.

Anna Maiche Boyfriend - Who is the Lucky Guy?

Anna Maiche, as it seems, is in a sweet relationship with her boyfriend, Jonathan Lorenzo. Recently, Anna and her boyfriend took to her Instagram account to share their lovely photos on their anniversary.

The couple celebrated their special day on May 18, 2020. Anna also revealed they are in a relationship for two years. Taking to her Instagram, Anna shared a series of their sweet photos, and in the caption, she wrote,

"2 years con mi baby. From my blonde hair to my brown hair to my red hair, from beach hangs to hiking up Swedish hillsides with the worst flu of our lives, from long distance to living together, from being totally jobless to seeing our dreams come true, we’ve experienced so much together."

anna maiche boyfriend jonathan lorenzo

Anna Maiche is dating her boyfriend, Jonathan Lorenzo. The couple celebrated their anniversary on May 18, 2020. Photo Source: Instagram

Anna continued,

"2 years, 4 countries, and countless foster dogs later, I’m still in awe that I get to spend my days with you. Thank you for these past 730 days, and thank you for not complaining about always having my hair in your face when we watch TV."

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Even Anna Maiche's boyfriend, Jonathan, took to his social media to share a series of photos on their anniversary. In the caption, Jonathan wrote,

"I feel as though I’ve known you my whole life, and at the same time, every day feels like the first day we met. It’s the most beautiful thing. I am eternally grateful for our adventures together, the endless laughter, and the love we share. Happy anniversary Anna."

Who is Anna Maiche's Boyfriend, Jonathan Lorenzo?

While not much is known about Anna Maiche's boyfriend, we can assume Jonathan Lorenzo is an up-and-coming singer. His Instagram is filled with pictures of him jamming to songs.

anna maiche boyfriend jonathan lorenzo

Jonathan Lorenzo and Maiche are dating for two years. Photo Source: Instagram

Moreover,  Jonathan's profile also comprises several motivational quotes, and also let us remind you, he has a great physique t00. So, we are really confused at this time if he is a singer, motivator, physical trainer, or all of them?

All we can say for now is that Jonathan seems like a real nice man, and Anna and Lorenzo look really good together.

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