Bex Taylor-Klaus

Nov 29, 2019 @ 2:49 EST
Bex Taylor-Klaus is a trans-non-binary actor who has a net worth of $600,000.

Bex Taylor-Klaus racked up her net worth after six years in the acting industry. Learn how they collected her fortune and came out at trans-non-binary. Also, check out their fiancee.

The first thing you should know about Bex Taylor-Klaus is that Bex would prefer to be addressed by the pronoun 'They' or 'Them', while would also accept any other pronouns if treated with respect. We, as modern-day citizens, should be acceptable for a person's identity if they are doing it for resolving their feelings. So throughout the article, Bex would be addressed by the pronouns that they prefer, in their honor. Because there is no better role model for gender fluids than them.

Born on August 12, 1994 [age 25], as Rebecca Edison Taylor-Klaus, Bex entered into the glam world when they were only six months old, as a baby model. They featured on numerous movies and TV series in which they almost always portray a gay or bisexual woman. They were adamant on being a straight woman to the public until they came out as 'gay' in November 2016, and later found themselves announced as a non-binary in July 2018.

The non-binary actor Bex Taylor-Klaus has a net worth of $600,000.Acting was always a passion for Bex Taylor-Klaus.
Source: Thalia Grace - GHRP, Facebook

Since their breakthrough in The Killing, they acted in The Last Witch Hunter with Vin Diesel, Scream: The TV Series, 13 Reasons Why and Arrow, along with, possibly their personal favorite, voicing Pidge in Voltron: Legendary Defender. With those recurring roles and high paying jobs, they accumulated quite an impressive net worth.

Bex Taylor-Klaus' Net Worth of $600,000 Will Obviously Keep on Increasing

Bex Taylor-Klaus in a red shirt and ripped jeans. Their net worth will surprise you.Just you wait, Bex Taylor-Claus will be a millionaire.
Source: Bex Taylor-Klaus, Instagram

As of 2019, Bex Taylor-Klaus possesses an estimated net worth of $600,000. While it may be a little small for such an influential actor in the industry, their wealth will only keep piling up as the years pass by. After all, they're still young and have been acting since 2012 only. Their primary sources of income are the aforementioned TV series and movies they've done prominently for half a decade.

The Career That Added to Her Fortune

As a six-month-old, Taylor-Clause was featured on the cover of three different toys for Toy II. But what would really pique their interest in acting is Shakespeare. They took up several Shakespeare plays when they were in the third grade in an after-school program (also diagnosed with ADHD in elementary school). They were extremely active in extracurricular activities and were good at comedy & improvisation. Aside from being the starting catcher on their high school's Varsity Softball team, they loved comedy and did their high school's Improv Troupe.

Bex Taylor-Klaus with their parents, father and mother, during their high school graduation.Taylor-Klaus completed their High School in 2013. (With their parents during the graduation ceremony.
Source: Bex TK

While Bex's first acting credit was a guest star in a talk-show series, Hit Me Up!, their first paid acting job was with The Killing in 2013 after they moved to LA to pursue the trade. They got their iconic role of Bullet while still in high school. On the show, they did their very first tattoo, a FAITH tattoo, for their character who is a tough lesbian/genderfluid teenager. Many of their casters first made the character picturing Bex before actually casting them and that got people questioning over their sexuality. (More Below.)

Bullet (also named their dog after the character) got them the instant fame that immediately cast them in The CW's Arrow. They returned for their character until the current year. Then they acted in House of Cards in 2014 for five episodes. After featuring in one 2015-episode in Glee, they were offered a co-starring role of Audrey Jensen in a horror series, Scream The TV Series, alongside Willa Fitzgerald and John Karna, in 2015. That led them to work on another show, the voice of the leading character Pidge in the animated series, Voltron Legendary Defender, the next year. They also joined the 13 Reasons Why gang in 2019.

Bex Taylor-Klaus in a scene with Vin Diesel on The Last Witch Hunter.Despite being a small role for Bex Taylor-Klaus, getting to act alongside Vin Diesel has been a great accomplishment.
Source: The Last Witch Hunter, Summit Entertainment

Aside from those TV series, Bex also appeared in the worldwide $146 million hit movie, The Last Witch Hunter, starring Vin Diesel in 2015, Hellfest and Discarnate in 2018. They didn't get too much involved in the life outside the small screen, but it was where they belonged as they excelled at it.

Bex is now set to appear in a TV movie, Polyester as Blair, and set to start off 2020 with the crime drama, Deputy. That's why we're sure their net worth is going to increase.

How Bex First Came Out As Lesbian/Gay, Then As a Non-Binary and Started Dating Fiancee, Alicia Sixtos

When it comes to proud of being different, Taylor-Claus is an extremely good example. They don't go to lengths to prove what they are (unlike so many others who are making headlines for doing something crazy to come out), but they did keep their sexuality to themselves in their early years in the industry.

The roles Taylor-Claus portrayed were getting fans riled up about what they identify their sexuality as. They were hesitant on telling the truth at first. In 2013, while answering the fans' questions on Facebook, they assured them that they were a "straight girl who plays a gay character on TV. No, I am not ashamed." They even told the fans in 2014 they'd never know if they're lesbian or straight.

Bex couldn't keep it in for long though. It felt wrong for them when trying to be straight. Then, they announced they were gay via Twitter in November 2016. They were terrified to come out (as it is more often even if the society is accepting of it), but they did anyway.

In July 2018, the 25-year-old finalized their sexuality, coming out as a trans-non-binary to the fans via Twitter after confessing it to a room full of people. In March earlier this year, they responded to a fellow non-binary individual's question about what pronoun they'd have to use for them. They answered they'd prefer to be written with 'They' in their articles.

Ever since coming out, there's been extreme support from fans and family, being dubbed a role model for non-binaries and other kids alike. Even before being open about their sexuality, their role of Bullet inspired many gender fluids to come in terms with their own sexuality.

More joy came Bex's way as they found someone to fall in love with. They started dating actress, Alicia Sixtos earlier this year and got engaged to her in August 2019. They've been very lucky to find someone like her, they gushed.

The future holds great promise for Taylor-Claus as further income sources are bound to rack up their net worth while also supporting the rights of non-binaries in a decent fashion.

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