Is Brandon Fugal a Married Man? See Photos of His Wife Here

May 9, 2021 @ 16:17 EDT
Brandon Fugal Is a Married Man. See Photos of His Wife Here. Lacey Anne Fugal or Kristen Meranda McCarty?

Here's is everything that is known about Brandon Fugal's wife and their married life.

It's his enthusiasm for science fiction and technology that led Brandon Daniel Fugal to buy the infamous Skinwalker Ranch and even more so when he decided to put all the secrets out there with the show, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. But it's not like anyone can easily figure everything out about the strange events that keep happening in the region.

While the secret of who owned the ranch was revealed with the History Channel show, Fugal himself was an already well-respected tech and real estate entrepreneur in Utah with a legion of fans of his own. However, there were still a lot of things about him yet to be known. Still, as a more social individual, there's plenty to get started with here.

Fugal's professional life is there for all to see, which he is found often time dictating in several interviews he's done in the past. As for his personal life, there are only a few details that he's purposefully put out there. That includes his married life as well.

Who Is Brandon Fugal's Wife? Here's What the Internet Is Saying.

Fugal isn't really trying to hide the fact that he's married or anything. But it rarely does come up. Regardless, he has mentioned it here and there. According to his profile, Fugal is married to wife Lacey Anne Fugal (née Hadfield), and they have four children together. One of the kids is a daughter named Ireland, who turned 13 in November 2020, and two of them are sons, Chase, 14, and Hunter, 19 (ages are as of September 2020).

Two Photos. (Left) Brandon Fugal (R) with his sons Hunter (M) and Chase (L). (Right) Brandon Fugal (L) with his daughter Ireland (R).There isn't anything known about his fourth child yet.
Photo Sources: Brandon D. Fugal, Facebook

The maiden name of his wife was obtained from public records, which also revealed that she is 46 years old, born on April 11, 1975, and that the pair live in Pleasant Grove, Utah. An interesting thing came up in one of the public records, which lists someone with the last name of Malone as a relative of Lacey.

However, there's no connection to Post Malone, who visited Skinwalker Ranch in February 2021. Except for the fact that Brandon is friends with the singer, according to his Twitter post of Post Malone's visit. Whatever the connection, that is a fact.

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As for his siblings, Fugal is also not hiding anything either. Fugal, with his three brothers, was raised into the Church of Latter-Day Saints, aka Mormons, in a middle-class family. At least two of them are married, which is evident by their recent husband-wife triple date to Smash-It Rage Rooms.

Brandon Fugal (right) with his wife beside him and his brothers with their own wives as well."We went on an adventurous date night with my brothers & wives to SMASH-IT Rage Rooms," he wrote on Twitter.
Photo Source:
Brandon Fugal, Twitter

Two of his brothers work in one of his companies, Aero Dynamic Jets. Cameron J. Fugal is the CEO, and Matthew Fugal is in charge of its operations. They also appeared on The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch with those titles. The third brother is named Patrick Fugal who is rarely seen with the other, even when the three go on a helicopter tour together.

But Wait. Here's Something Confusing.

All the records are there to stay and are not definitely false. Brandon and Lacey were married at one point, and the pair were extremely close. Consider one The Salt Lake Tribune article from April 2019 about a restaurant called Five Alls being closed down. It was a go-to restaurant for their weekly date, a tradition they were passed down since they got married over 25 years ago from his parents, Dan and Jill.

"For the last 15 years, we don’t even ask for menus," Fugal told the Utah publication about one of Utah's most popular restaurants. "The staff already knows our order and where we want to sit." Considering his statement, they were much closer than mentioned before. Even in his profile, he specifically writes that he enjoys "spending time with his wife, Lacey Fugal, and 4 children."

The contradiction here is, of course, who the woman in the photo he captioned as his wife is. She doesn't seem to have a Twitter handle, but upon further inspection, she is tagged by Fugal as Kristen Meranda McCarty on the same post on Facebook. And the profile does confirm the identity.

Brandon Fugal (left) with his wife (right) and a librarian (center) at Moon's Rare Books.Photo Source: Brandon Fugal, Twitter

Since the announcement of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, Fugal's been very active on social media, and he's open to sharing his private life as well, but as casually as you'd like as well. McCarty started appearing in Fugal's social media pages since September 2020, as did his kids. The relationship status on her profile says she's in a relationship, not mentioning Fugal though.

(From right) Brandon Fugal's wife Lacey Anne Fugal with him and their two colleagues during a celebration of a student's success at Woodbury Corp.Photo Source: Brandon Fugal, Twitter

Regardless, she constantly appears with Fugal as his partner whenever he attends an event or makes courtesy visit around Utah. But the confusion still stands. It's possible Fugal separated from Lacey Anne and started dating McCarty in late 2019 or 2020. The Salt Lake Tribune article makes a case for the marriage with Lacey Ann still existing at the time.

Whatever the case, only Fugal has the right to know what the real story is. Until, he decides to specifically declare who his wife really is, we'll just have to wait.

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