Brooke Shields’ First Boyfriend: Why Did She Apologize to Dean?

Apr 11, 2023 @ 6:09 EDT
Brooke Shields’ First Boyfriend: Apology to Dean Explained

Brooke Shields recently apologized for ending on a bad note and ignoring her first boyfriend Dean's feelings, while dating. Many of her fans believed that she was first in a relationship with Michael Jackson. However, Brooke Shields' statements do say that they were kids back then, and when they were figuring out their relationship, they fell apart from each other.

Do you love surprises or being honored? How do you preserve a gift? What would you do if it got damaged? Recently, when Brooke Shields claimed her Friends season two episode led to Andre Agassi smashing his trophies, people were confused if it was done mistakenly or if it was because of anger. What is your opinion—did he smash on purpose?

During an interlude, the actress said that Agassi smashed all of his trophies in an argument after watching her film a guest spot on a season two episode of Friends. It seems like she was the fixer in her marriage and has tried everything to save the relationship with Aggasi, even trying to get her ex's trophies replaced because she wanted the kids to see their father's achievements in the future.

After the statement, many of her fans are wanting to know more about her love life. They are curious about how she managed her personal and professional lives. To get to know Brooke Shields' personal life and her first boyfriend, read this article.

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Brooke Shields’ First Boyfriend: She Apologized to Dean for Ignoring His Feelings!

Brooke Shields recently apologized to her first boyfriend, Dean Cain, for ignoring his feelings while they were dating. Though she has failed to save numerous relationships, she seems to be happy with her long-term partner, Chris Henchy.

Brooke Shields with her first boyfriend Dean Cain.Brooke Shields with her first boyfriend Dean Cain.
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Brooke Christa Shields is an American actress and model. She has been known as a model from a very young age, and by the age of 12, she had a main role in the 1978 movie Pretty Baby as Louis Malle. She had faced many ups and downs in her life, which led her to suffer from mental health issues like postpartum depression. She was raised by a single mother, Teri Shields who was threatened by her father's family for not aborting her.

Growing up, Brooke and her mother faced many problems. When she was five years old, her parents got divorced, and with the help of her mother, she got the skills she wanted. She took piano, ballet, and horseback riding lessons. She had an issue with trusting love after seeing her parent's ups and downs, but by the age of 12, she had already started getting linked with many celebrities.

Shield was first linked to Scott Baio in 1978, who was also a teen star at that time. The pair were seen together at the event, and people rumored them as a couple after they witnessed their closeness. Although, they were called an idol teen couple; Brooke denied the rumors later and called their relationship a good friend.

After that, Brooke Shields was named after John Travolta and Michael Jackson. She denied the rumors about being with John and admitted being a close friend as a castmate. In the case of Michael, she admitted kissing him but revealed in her 2023 documentary Pretty Baby that they had a falling out once he claimed they were dating on The Oprah Winfrey Show. It's not clear if they were just in a dating phase or a real couple, but she once stated;

We just felt safe with each other, We watched movies and ate candy and laughed at the craziness around us … We loved each other, but it was not at all romantic.

For fans, and as much as we can tell from Brooke Shields' statement, her first boyfriend was Dean Cain. She claimed that she lost her virginity at age 22 to Dean in June 2009 while they were dating at Princeton. The pair dated each other for two years, and throughout their relationship, they were spotted together in many public places.

Dean George Cain is an American actor. He did not begin his career as an actor. He was first signed as a free agent with the NFL's Buffalo Bills, but due to an injury, he was unable to continue. After the incident, he turned to screenwriter and then acting, shooting dozens of commercials. He is best known for playing Superman in the television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

At the time Dean and Brooke were dating, the couple was adored by fans but they were dating each other in a low-key profile. Everything has time to end, but in the case of this pair, it doesn't end well. They are said to be on a rough path, and recently the actress apologized to Dean for how they ended. She expressed her feelings and said she was paralyzed by shame. She apologized to her ex by saying;

I was just paralyzed from shame, thinking everybody was going to know, thinking of letting my fans down because I had professed one thing. He just was so loyal and loving and just so in love. And I did not make it easy. I said, 'I'm sorry for you, and I'm really sorry for me'.

Brooke Shields with her current husband, Chris Henchy, and her two daughters.Brooke Shields with her current husband, Chris Henchy, and her two daughters.
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Brooke Shields, however, does not seem to have enjoyed her love life for years. From ignoring her first boyfriend's feelings to tolerating her ex-husband, Andre Agassi, she has always tried to manage her life. For now, it seems like she is enjoying her life with her long-term partner, Chris Henchy. They tied the knot in 2001, and it's been over two decades; they are still a happy couple and have welcomed two daughters together.

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