Chris Tyson Boyfriend: Is He Really Dating Finnster?

May 14, 2023 @ 11:40 EDT
Chris Tyson Boyfriend: Is He Really Dating Finnster?

Finnster is a rumored boyfriend of Chris Tyson. He came out as bisexual in 2020 and has been proud to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community ever since. It's not clear whether he has been dating Finn or not, but if the news is true, people are eager to know more about their relationships.

Have you seen the latest post from Mr. Beast? Did you see his birthday giveaway? Are you one of the participants? Mr.Beast recently celebrated his 25th birthday. You might have been updated about Mr. Beast, but do you know about Chris Tyson? Who is he? Why has he been named after Mr.Beast? What are their relationships?

Recently, during an interview on George Not Found’s Banter podcast on May 10, Chris Tyson shared some details about his relationship with Mr. Beast. He reveals how Mr. Beats has been a support system in his life. Do you know about his gender? Is he gay? Who is the Youtuber married to?

After the news, many wonders if Chris and Mr.Beast are good friends or partners. In this article, we will be discussing Chris Tyson's personal life and his dating history. Read this article to learn more about his current personal life and boyfriend.

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Chris Tyson’s Boyfriend Is Rumored to Be Finnster!

As of 2023, Chris Tyson (@chris_thememegod) is single and has no boyfriend. He has been lately rumored to be with Finnster, but the news is not confirmed yet. Aside from this, he has also been going for hormone replacement therapy.

Christopher Stephen Chris Tyson, aka Chris, is an American YouTube celebrity who rose to fame after co-hosting the MrBeast YouTube channel. He has appeared with Jimmy in many videos, including prank videos. He has made his name in the entertainment field since 2012, and since then, his life and social media posts have been a gossipy topic to discuss.

Every person has a personal and professional life. Some of them love to involve their personal lives in their professional lives, and some love to enjoy their personal lives secretly. Have you been following Chris's life updates lately? Who is he married to? Who is he dating after getting divorced?

If you are wondering about Chris's relationship update and his marriage life, let us update you: he is now divorced. He married his ex-wife, Katie, in 2018. Katie and Chris used to appear in Mr.Beast videos occasionally as a pair, but during their relationship period, the couple was seen many times together, enjoying their vacation and spending family time. The couple also has a son, Tucker Stephen Tyson, who was born in June 2020.

Chris Tyson with his wife Katy and son Tyson.Chris Tyson with his wife Katy and son Tyson.
Source: Instagram

Slowly, people started observing Tyson and Katie's relationships over the years, and the rumors of the couple being separated started becoming a gossip topic. The confirmation among the fans soon started looking true as both of them stopped posting about each other. After the rumors started flooding all over the internet, Chris addressed the status and revealed his separation from his wife, stating:

Please respect our privacy and please do not comment asking questions about this specific topic on our socials about this from here on. Thank you so much love you all.

Following the divorce, many rumors started spreading, and people started pointing out that Chris was in a relationship with a guy. At the end of 2022, he was also linked with his colleague Karl Jacobs. All the rumors were later denied by Chris, and he revealed that he had been going for hormone replacement therapy, which is a medication that contains female hormones. He posted about it on Twitter.

Who Is Finnster? Is Chris Dating a Guy?

What about 2023? Is Tyson still attending HRT? Who is he dating? Is he with a guy or a girl? As of 2023, Chris is alleged to be dating social media personality F1NN5TER (pronounced Finnster). The rumors started flooding the internet after they were seen flirting with each other through comments.

Chris Tyson's rumored boyfriend is youtuber Finnster.Chris Tyson's rumored boyfriend is YouTuber Finnster.
Source: Celebs Fortune

On April 16, 2023, Finn posted his pictures in a girl dress-up, wearing a red and white combo dress, which was captioned as, Would you kiss a guy like me?, Chris replied and said, "Ahhh jeez I’d get nervous, ahhh ohhh jeez." After the comments were seen by the fans, they believed that they had some chemistry together.

Now, you might be wanting to know about Finnster. Who is Finnester—a guy or a girl? Finn is also popular for being an e-girl and pranking people on social media. He uploads his pranked video and other content on various social media sites, including Twitch, Discord, TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, and OnlyFans.

Though the speculation that Finn is gay has generated a lot of heated discussions, the fact remains that this might not be the case. The prank star has never been successful in revealing his identity, and according to people's guesses, he might be starting, and all the rumors are just street news with no evidence.

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