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Jan 15, 2021 @ 19:55 EST
The Envying Net Worth of Christine Chiu- Bling Empire, Beverly Hills, Husband

Grab all the net worth details of former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and upcoming Netflix show Bling Empire star Christine Chiu's net worth and earnings details. 

Some might already know Christine Chiu from Beverly Hills while some might recently be familiar with the super-rich lady Christine Chui. By now Her super lavish lifestyle, wardrobe collections are surely a question that will make all of us curious about it. So in order to know all of that ahead, we present you with the details of Christine.

And since we'll be talking about her net worth here, we'll focus more on the envying net worth of Christine Chui. If you are also looking for her biography & marital life with her millionaire husband Dr. Gabriel Chiu then you can find the in-depth article here.

Christine Chiu Net Worth is More Than $20 Million!

Christine Chiu Net Worth

Christine Chiu's net worth is around $20 million. (Image Source: Instagram)

As of 2020, Christine Chiu's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million, a similar estimation to cast mate Kelly Mi Li. And behind her staggering sum is credited to her big checks from high TRP ranked shows like The Beverly Hills, and upcoming Netflix's reality-TV show Bling Empire and certain share from her renowned plastic surgeon husband income and their runway model studio.

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In fact, you can your self analyze how rich Chiu with the lifestyle she leaves. And all that s credited to earnings from father's company. And moreover, the sum of her accumulated fortune is also credited to her television career journey. So combined all her fortune including her husband net worth her assets is estimated to be more than $100 million.

Christine Chiu Always Wears Unique & One-Piece Dress

Christine Chiu Always Wears Unique & One-Piece Dress

Christine's Instagram profile is desiring.
Image Source: @Christine Alexandra Chiu

Beverly Hills Housewife Annoyed seeing her designer $100,000 dresses seen her dress being worn by Jessica Chastain and Kerry Washington. "It's safe to say that $100,000 is the average price of a dress," says Chiu, "but no one ever asks about the price.

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Let us forget about the situation as she has hundreds of other envying dress collection on her lavish Instagram. Chiu often posts images of her private jet, expensive cars, and rich toys on Instagram. So with that, we can estimate that her net worth is in millions.

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