Cynthia Loyst Husband: Her Marriage, Love and Children

Apr 28, 2023 @ 13:11 EDT
Cynthia Loyst Husband: All About Her Marriage and Children

Cynthia Loyst has been happy with her husband Jason Loyst for more than 12 years and is enjoying her life with him. Recently, she has been in the headlines after sharing some details about her relationship and her sex life in a new show called Cynthia and Josie’s Unmentionables. The mother of one also admitted to giving space to her relationship to make it successful.

Do you love listening to podcasts? What type of podcast do you usually listen to? Have you heard the new podcast from Josie Dye? The podcast also includes Cynthia Loyst's thoughts. What was the topic of their conversation? Do you want to know?

After they launched their first episode, TV star Josie posted about her conversation details on Instagram. She mentions how she has been close to Cynthia. The conversation talked about sex, relationships, and body issues. The podcast was meant to discuss the messy side of everyone without being awkward, and with this unique concept, it's getting hyped.

In the conversation, they had talked about the spice of their love lives, relationship awkwardness, and sex. Do you know about Cynthia Loyst's husband? Who is she married to? To know about her personal life and her husband in detail, read this article.

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Cynthia Loyst Husband: She Revealed That Giving Lots of Space and Having Separate Rooms Is the Secret to Her Successful Marriage!

Cynthia Loyst (@cynthialoyst) is happily married to Jason Loyst. They got married on 2010, June 10 and had a son, Jaya, together. Many fans adore the couple and shower them with their love whenever they make any public appearances together.

Cynthia Loyst is a 43-year-old Canadian talk show host and media personality. She was involved in extracurricular activities since her school days, and at the age of six, she tried dressing up as male characters from Star Wars or Battle of the Planets. She came to fame after appearing in the television show including The Marilyn Denis Show, CTV NewsNet, TVOntario, and ETalk, while radio appearances include 104.5 CHUM FM and Virgin Radio 99.9 FM.

Every time Cynthia has walked into any show as a guest, she has talked about a unique topic. From the topic of sexuality to the most talked-about topic in this generation, technology, she has always been the best inspiration to the students of college and university. What was the first thing you remembered when you heard her name? The way she delivered her though is something she has been admired of.

We know more about Cynthia Loyst's professional life, but there is very little news about her personal life that is known to the public. What type of person is she in real life? Is she married or dating someone? Well, if you had followed her on Instagram, you might have noticed she is happily married to Jason, who also works in the entertainment field.

Cynthia Loyst with her husband Jason Loyst over the years.Cynthia Loyst with her husband Jason Loyst over the years.
Source: Celebs Fortune

Jason and Cynthia met each other for the first time in the early stages of their university careers. Yes, they were studying at the same college, but according to Cynthia, they didn't talk much in those days. She admitted to noticing him on her first day and knowing exactly what he wore, which was pretty impressive to her. However, the one thing she confessed to not liking at first was his facial hair.

When Did Cynthia Loyst Share Her Number With Jason?

Jason and Cynthia Loyst earned their bachelor's degrees from York University. After graduating from college, both went on their own to start their careers but eventually got locked on the same project. The pair were both co-incidentally working at the same places and talked privately for the first time at the party, where she admitted to giving him her number. She stated;

For years we orbited around the same people and places but never really spoke. Years later, after graduation, I was hired by a mutual friend to belly dance in a music video, and Jason was hired as the director of photography. I noticed him again and felt he had improved on his facial hair, but we still didn’t speak. We eventually ended up at the same party, and finally he came up and chatted with me, and I gave him my number.

Cynthia Loyst and her daughter Jaya.Cynthia Loyst and her daughter Jaya.
Source: Celebs Fortune

Soon Jason and Cynthia started dating, and in January 2010, Jason proposed to her before going to the dinner date at the distillery. The pair soon got married on July 10 at the same restaurant where he proposed to her. Fans admire how they love each other and seeing their balance life, everyone is jealous. She also revealed some secrets about their relationship and said;

We give each other lots of space and room to be individuals. I really value that. We also have had and continue to have some hard conversations at times. Finally, having a therapist to check in with (either individually or as a couple) every once in a while is incredibly important, I think, for any couple.

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