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Allen La, aka DraconiteDragon, Details You Need to Know: Net Worth, Girlfriend, The Krew | Celeb$fortune 2022

Allen La aka DraconiteDragon (b. 12, 1998), is a gaming YouTuber and Tech enthusiast best known for creating roleplay and mini-game videos using popular video games such as Minecraft and Roblox. He is also a member of the gaming group, The Krew along with his siblings, PaintingRainbows (Betty La), GoldenGlare (Kimberly La), Lunar Eclispe (Wenny La), and ItsFunneh (Kat).

He is the youngest of five siblings and is very close to his sisters. Growing up in a tight-knit middle-class family, he used to work in their family-owned restaurants for some extra money. He has five pets including two cats and three dogs named Kiaria, Ezera, Alven, Dembe, and Reinhardt.

DraconiteDragon's Net Worth In 2022: Know More About His Income Source and Merch.

As per estimating sources, DraconiteDragon holds a net worth of $400,000 as a gaming YouTuber. However, his income is not only limited to it as he gets a fair cut from live streaming as well as from the sales of his branded merchandise.

He launched his YouTube channel, DraconiteDragon on May 7, 2011, and has garnered over 1.37 million subscribers at the time of writing. However, he only started posting videos after two years of starting his channel in 2013. His first ever video on his channel was titled, Candi Speed Art, which got 407k views.

DraconiteDragon (right) with his siter nicknamed LunarEclipse (left) in the background.As with all popular social media people, he has multiple net worth sources.
Photo Source: DragoniteDragon, Instagram

Meanwhile, one of the most popular videos on his YouTube channel is titled, HIDING IN ROBLOX! WILL ANYONE HELP ME?!?, which garnered over 10.5 million likes. Besides, he makes an average of $8,500 per video through ad revenue from his channel where he has posted only 33 times.

Although he has an individual YouTube channel, just like the other KREW members, Draco mostly appears on his sister's channel, ItsFunneh which has over 9.13 million subscribers. Not to forget, he and his siblings are also popular on their collaborative channel, KREW, where they make humorous commentary with impressive and artistic gameplay.

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They also stream their games on their YouTube channel so that their audience can watch them play the games while listening to their uninterrupted and unedited narration. Besides, the siblings also have branded merchandise available at krewdistrict.com that sells different types of clothing apparel and accessories like tees, hoodies, crewnecks, tote bags, lanyards, joggers, and pillow bags, and many more with KREW imprints on them.

Meanwhile, he has managed to garner loyal fans on other social media platforms like Instagram. With over 289K followers on his Instagram account, DraconiteDragon (@draconitedragon), he earns over $1,100 per post from his page strictly through sponsorships and brand endorsements.

Who Is DraconiteDragon Dating? Is He Gay?

Ever since DraconiteDragon revealed his face, there have always been speculations regarding his sexuality. Being a secretive person, he has not revealed his parents' names, let alone about his romantic relationships. However, this does not help with the growing rumors of him being gay.

DraconiteDragon taking a pouted lips selfie with an edited Mona Lisa portrait depicting her taking the same selfie pose.He's too private to confirm anything else from his life.
Photo Source: DraconiteDragon, Instagram

Even though there is no certain reason why people are questioning his sexuality, some news outlets have shared that it's because of his previous rainbow hair color saying that it represents LGQBT. Well, fans have promised to show their full support whatever his sexual preference and admitted that they love him for his fun-loving, energetic, optimistic, and a little bit sassy personality.

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