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Feb 12, 2020 @ 3:40 EST

From Betting a Sandwich via Basketball Shots to The Guinness Book of World Record - Learn Dude Perfect's story along with the Greens they made. 

If you are a daily YouTube viewer, then you've probably come across the channel 'Dude Perfect'. In case you're living under a rock, well, Dude Perfect is a sports and comedy entertainment brand, run by five people, whose Net Worth is estimated at around $60 million dollars.

Their incredible journey began after roommates at Texas A&M University and basketball players twins Coby Cotton & Cory CottonTyler ToneyGarrett Hilbert, and Cody Jones decided to open their own YouTube channel. They uploaded a basketball trick shot video "Backyard Edition" on April 9, 2009, which shortly went viral receiving 200,000 views within a week.

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Then being motivated they started uploading more intriguing-record-setting contents and the rest is history.

Known As The Trick Shots 'G.O.A.T'

Traveling to different places and creating a different to-do list for the crazy and adventure-filled journey the group of five takes us through, is a 100% entertainment. They've an average view of around 10 million per video, with 50 million subscribers, and their videos have been streamed more than 10 billion times.

So aren't you excited to have a peek at the 'King of perfectionist's YouTube channel earning which, in fact, holds the Guinness World Records 'fourteen' times!

How Much is Dude Perfect's Net Worth

Here's the chart of his YouTube earning report of the A-lister channel Dude Perfect.

Dude Perfect NET Worth

As per reports from SocialBlade, the channel monthly earns around $57,000 to $900,000 and an income of $691,000 to $11 million per year. Since the channel is ten years old and similarly, the revenue and money value have changed. Considering a $6 million annual income, which when multiplied by 10 gives a result of $60 million. While net worth is all good, they need some to run their entity. Other ventures earn plenty for the group.

They have a total of 225 uploads among which the least amount of views they got in a video is a million. Their average video-view reaches around 30 million and has reached a peak of 242 million.  Applying the aftermath, they are making a good amount of money from the channel only.

Dude Perfect per video earnings chart.

Dude Perfect per video earnings chart.

Taking an average sum gives us at least $6 million earnings from their YouTube channel. Adding another additional advertisement will add more revenue to their income.

The above chart articulates some of the video earnings of the 10th most subscribed Youtube channel with a staggering 49 million followers.

The Dude Perfect Store

Dude Perfect Store

You can buy a cool 'Dude Perfect' merchandise from their Offical E-Commerce site dudeperfect.store. You can find cool accessories to wear from hoodies, cap, T-Shirts to 'Dude Perfect Signature BasketBall',  backpacks, and different other accessories.

The goodie's price is ranged from a low $15 for a pair of Socks to a maximum of $64 for a signature hoodie. There are also Gift Cards starting from $10 to $200 USD.

So they are somewhere making around $300,000 to $500,000 from their online store. And various other endorsement deals, external advertisements are also adding well in their bank.

Adding all the sum and dividing among the five members gives a net worth of around $12 million per head. Yes, all the members Tyler Toney, Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert holds least $12 million fortune.

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