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May 10, 2022 @ 15:27 EDT
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Emily Mariko is an Asian-American TikToker, YouTuber, Instagram model, and a famous social media personality famous for her viral food trend, the salmon rice bowl, and its recipe. She is a lifestyle content creator and posts about fitness, fashion, vlogs, beauty, and primarily, food-related content.

Being a pro-social media star, Emily garnered a lot of fortune from her profession and is one of the most trending personalities on TikTok (@emilymariko) with her unique genre of videos. The young and gorgeous-looking model rose to prominence for her cooking video clipsworkouts, and fashion videos on those accounts. Moreover, she is very popular for posting photos with poses.

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Introducting Emily Mariko: Standing Out of the TikTok Norm

Emily Mariko was born on January 9, 1992, in Los Angeles, California, & she is American by nationality. She is 30-years-old as of 2022, and her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Emily is half-Japenese and half-American. However, her parents are still a mystery. Her younger brother's name is Sam Mariko, with whom she is very close. She enfolds her mixed ethnicity with her cocktail food recipes. However, this pro-TikToker rarely posts about her family.

The 30-year-old YouTuber graduated from Columbia University and majored in Neuroscience. However, there is no further information about her higher education. Emily is 5'6" tall and weighs around 56 kg. She has brown hair and brown eyes. For fitness, she does yoga & plans a diet, and goes to the gym regularly. Her knack for mixing up different food recipes is the highlight of her fame though, with many fans praising her for her uniqueness in a sea of stereotypical dance and video-sync clips.

Emily Mariko's Net Worth Will Only Rise As She Is One of the Most Charismatic Rising TikTokers

Emily Mariko has collected a heavy fortune from her profession. She earns her income from advertising revenue on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and TwitterHer millions of fan followings have helped her gain a hefty amount of her wealth. Her estimated net worth is approximately $350,000 as of 2022.

Emily Mariko (right) with her mom peeking from the left to be on the photo with food on the table in front of her.Everyone wants her job.
Photo Source: Emily Mariko, Instagram

The famous foodie influencer came into recognization through her first YouTube video titled June 11, 2012 Outfit gaining quite a few thousand views early on. She added more content to her videos by showing her fashionable bags and shoes. Her YouTube channel (@EmilyMariko) has 578,000 subscribers, although Emily joined YouTube on December 28, 2010, and started posting videos in 2012. And it still seems ad revenue is her only source of income on YouTube. She does, by occupation, promotes various brands simply by providing links for their online shops.

Mariko primarily posts about food, fashion, and lifestyle. Emily is currently making videos on health, fitness, cuisines, and outfits. Her recent videos include What I Eat in a week, cooking for two!, Outfits of the week cute & casual summer fits*explained*, VLOG HomeGoods shop with me & haul, decorating the kitchen, moving updates!, cute activewear, and living a healthy lifestyle!

The fashion content creator is quite active on Instagram (@emilymariko) with 819K followers. She shares content mostly related to food & fitness on her account. Her Instagram earnings are estimated to be around $3,200 from each post via sponsorships, which she has a ton of chances for.

In terms of her primary platform TikTok, Mariko has over 10.5 million followers and 440 million likes on her self-titled primary account Emily Mariko (@emilymariko). She posts short videos, vlogs, and photos on her page, earning an estimated average of $8,500 per post via promotions and collaborations. Of course, live stream income is also a staple addition to her net worth. She uniquely delivers different mixed food recipes.

Emily Mariko Is Engaged to Boyfriend Matt Rickard: Everyone Wants an Engagement Ring Like Hers

Food and fitness enthusiast Emily Mariko is currently engaged to her long-time boyfriend Matt Rickard. Mariko announced her engagement with her boyfriend of six years via a TikTok video on October 9, 2021. It immediately prompted congratulations from Lizzo herself. Similarly, she also posted multiple photos of the occasion when Rickard became her fiance as well as her ring in a couple of her posts.

Emily Mariko (right) with her longtime boyfriend turned fiance Matt Rickard (left) while showcasing her ring around his neck.That engagement ring, though.
Photo Source: Emily Mariko, Instagram

The bride-to-be also flaunted her ring in a couple of photos in subsequent posts after her engagement, and it started an impromptu campaign by her fans to find out where the ring is from. Considering it suits her hand, the ring is often seen sported on her finger in every one of her social media photos and clips.

Meanwhile, Mariko's fiance rarely does appear publicly on social media, and the engagement was the only time he was featured more often than any other time on her page considering her massive upload regularity. They have reportedly been in a relationship for over six years.

As for his personal life, he is a software engineer by profession having graduated from Columbia University for his BA in Mathematics, presumably where they met, and Stanford University for his MBA, according to his LinkedIn page. Similarly, he's also previously worked as a software engineer at The Blackstone Group and even Google.

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