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She is the new queen of stand-up comedy, at the age of 25, with a sophisticated presentation that deconstructs stereotypes about black women. France's beloved comedian Fadily Camara is set out on a journey to make the world know who she is.

Born in 1993 in Seine-Saint-Denis, Camara has a very diverse origin of Guinean, Senegalese, and Moroccan, though her nationality is French. As the phrase goes, "A plant that prospers has smooth leaves," Fadily was a very witty and humorous child. Little did the now-famous comedian know about the place she would take in people's hearts with her hilarious and whimsical attributes.

This Is How Fadily Camara Became the First French Stand-Up Female Comedian to Do Her Own Full Show on Netflix.

Fadily began a BTS in communication after finishing her baccalaureate. Though getting into acting or being a comedian wasn't the bold and witty artist's initial plan, she always had a keen interest in theatre and above all, in classical dramas. Nevertheless, the legendary comedian-to-be began performing in sketches at the Paname Art Café, where she realized her comic ability and knew that she had to pursue the career.

With a very scintillating way of presenting her comedic sketches, it wasn't so long before the aspiring comedic queen got noticed at Jamel Comedy Club. Then her real career as a stand-up comedian began. The marvelous performer performed her first act in 2015 in the show. Her gradual development and hilarious yet influential skits gradually cemented her place in the comedy club, eventually becoming a permanent fixture on the show.

Fadily Camara replicating her own pose (a look back while facing backwards) as the one she made in an advertisement poster for her show back in 2017.She's moved on quite a distance since her big leap of faith.
Photo Source: Fadily Camara, Instagram

The empowering comedian's career took a turn in 2017 when she decided to take a leap of faith and presented her very first one-woman show Plus drôle que la plus drôle de tes copines (Funnier Than the Funniest of Your Girlfriends) at the Théâtre du Point-Virgule. The audience has been thrilled with this huge step in the scenario of comedy in France and its success. The show was also played at La Cigale in 2019. As luck favored the revolutionary comedian, the recording of the show was then bought by Netflix to be broadcast on the platform thus making her the first French stand-up female comedian to do her full show on Netflix.

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Fadily Camara: Plus drôle que la plus drôle de tes copines features the irrepressible French comedian Fadily Camara as she weaves jokes, vivid characters, and physical comedy into a lively stand-up show at La Cigale in Paris. The show really took Camara's success from 10 to 100 all because of the noteworthy comedian's aspirations, abilities, and power.

As Talented As She Could Be: Fadily Camara and Her Filmography

Also known as a writer, Fadily Camara has not just been doing comedy but has also impressed everyone with her acting skills as well.

The incredible artist's television appearances include Blood on the Docks, a television series where she appeared in a 2016 episode titled Visa pour l'enfer as Aouane, Mythomaniac & the shortcom HF broadcasted in the program Clique on Canal+ in 2019, and Les Héritières or Owning It, a TV movie by Nolwenn Lemesle, as the character Julienne in 2022.

Fadily Camara at the red carpet premiere of the movie, The Woman King, in Le Grand Rex, Paris in September 2022.She's doing red carpet-appearances now.
Photo Source: Fadily Camara, Instagram

The talented comedian has also participated in various TV shows with Jamel Comedy Club being her first, where she was a participant from 2015-2016. Later in 2016, Camara was in the show Temporary madness as a columnist. The hilarious star also participated in a show named Burger Quiz in 2018. Her recent TV show appearance includes 2021's LOL, Who laughs, Goes Out on Prime Video as one of the participants and the TV special One Night in Paris.

Camara has not just stepped into the television silver screen but has also stepped into the world of theater. 2019's Selfie, a collective film by Tristan Aurouet, and Docteur? by Tristan Séguéla, where she played the character of Sonya Derringer are some of Fadily Camara's initial theater performances. In 2020, she appeared in Simply Black by John Wax and Jean-Pascal Zadi. 2021 was the year when she worked for Les méchants (The Wicked) by Mouloud Achour and Dominique Baumard and It's the Life by Julien Rambaldi as Clémence, Lan's partner.

The passionate art enthusiast has also done short movies which include 2016's  Norman - The Walking Dead by Antoine Barillot and Norman Thavaud as the character Michonne and 2019's Je suis votre chauffeur (I am your driver) by Marc Allal as herself.

Fadily Camara's acting credits as well as her popularity in the stand-up world shows her versatility as an artist and the amount of potential she possesses. To add the cherry on top, the alluring artist's nomination as humor revelation of the year at the Olympia Awards in 2019 proves the charisma and talent she possesses.

Fadily Camara and Hakim Jemili: The Inspired and Inspiring Duo

Married for almost four years now, Fadily Camara and her husband Hakim Jemili have been one interesting comedy pair. The couple met during a stand-up party organized at the Abracadabra and immediately hit it off. In 2015, they officially tied the knot. The pair have worked together on numerous projects and shows, some of which include Docteur? and LOL, Who laughs, Goes Out.

Fadily Camara (left) being held by her husband Hakim Jemili (right) at the waist as he raises a thumbs up with the other hand at the camera.Camara says she is proud to have someone who defends her even when wrong.
Photo Source: Fadily Camara, Instagram

Recently, adding a new member to their small family, Fadily and Hakim welcomed their first child, a baby boy in 2021. Camara hasn't yet revealed her child's name or pictures but the duo has surely been in pure bliss with the entrance of their child into their happy life.

Fadily Camara's Net Worth

Not just a comedian, actress, or artist, Fadily Camara is an inspirational figure in the French entertainment cosmos. And surely her hard work has paid her off with quite a number. Summing up all her earnings, Fadily Camara's net worth is around $400,000.

As per the reports from Salary Expert, the average yearly salary of a comedian in France is €38,200. For someone in the biz for a long time now, Fadily Camara's estimated earnings as an experienced comedian for years may be about 47,000 annually.

Not to forget her socials, the hilarious and witty star has her own Youtube channel, Fadily Camara, with around 19 uploads and 66,900 subscribers, the charismatic social star has an estimated earning of $1,000 per video. She has not, however, posted anything since March 2020, when the COVID-19 lockdowns were at their peak. Talking of Instagram, which has 209,000 followers, the incredible artist's estimated earnings per post is $800.

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