Gervonta Davis Girlfriend Yaya: Arrest, Instagram, and More!

Apr 29, 2023 @ 2:57 EDT
Gervonta Davis's relationship with Yaya is on highlight after their arrest. Davis always had been in a controversial relationship but this one was interesting as he dated his mentor Floyd Mayweather's ex-girlfriend. In addition, the couple were also arrested by the US police.

The name, Gervonta Davis mostly known as Tank is well-known in the boxing community. The 28-year-old boxer has gained a great deal of fame and support from his loyal fan base over the years thanks to his great fighting style and KO victories, and recently, Tank Davis stopped Ryan Garcia mostly known as King with a vicious body shot in a round seven of their lightweight matchup on April 22, 2023.

When it hit, it didn't seem like the final blow. For a brief period, Garcia continued as though it were similar to all the other blows he had taken that evening. But as soon as Davis' might became apparent, Garcia was forced to the ground, his nose bloodied, and shaking as the referee started the countdown. Following a left hook in the second round, Davis pushed Garcia to the ground for the second time. But this time, Garcia was unable to stand up again, bringing an end to one of the most eagerly awaited contests in recent memory.

After the fight, the viewers were interested to know everything about Gervonta Davis and as the 28-year-old boxer had a lot of controversial relationships including his relationship with his mentor Floyd Mayweather's ex-girlfriend Yaya. Well, let's find out detailed information by reading this article!

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Gervonta Davis Dated His Mentor Floyd Mayweather’s Ex-girlfriend Yaya

Gervonta Davis (@gervontaa) and his dating life have always been a hot topic on the Internet. Although the 28-year-old boxer has been in several relationships, the relationship which the viewers are most interested in is his relationship with his mentor Floyd Mayweather's ex-girlfriend Yaya. The couple has done some crazy things like getting detained by Police leading the viewers to be more curious about them.

Those who are into boxing and watch ESPN might have an idea of just how amazing Gervonta Davis is. The WBA (Regular) lightweight title has been held by American professional boxer Gervonta Davis since 2019. He also holds the IBF super featherweight title from 2017, the WBA (Super) super featherweight title twice between 2018 and 2021, and the WBA (Regular) super lightweight title from 2021.

The Baltimore native has previously been in the news for several issues, but fans appear to be more interested in his in-ring skills. Gervonta currently has a perfect record of 28 victories, 26 of which were knockout victories. The young lion has made a fortune thanks to his exploits in the ring.

In addition to his boxing accomplishments, multi-weight world champion Gervonta Davis has been in the headlines for several other reasons. The Baltimore native has attracted a great deal of attention due to his extravagant lifestyle and dating status. There have been rumors about Davis dating several different women, and some of those relationships may have ended sourly.

The media has always been interested in Davis' relationships, whether they have involved legal issues or social unrest. Many people were interested in one such relationship when it was rumored that Davis was seeing Floyd Mayweather's ex-girlfriend Yaya.

A number of stories support the fact that Gervonta Davis formerly dated Yaya. The 28-year-old American boxer has dated a lot of famous people leading the viewers to be more curious about his relationships. But it was his relationship with his mentor's ex-girlfriend that drew more attention from the general public. According to reports, the couple had a short-lived relationship and they dated only for a short time but the viewers want to know detailed information about the pair.

Although the precise cause of their breakup is still unknown, media stories have provided a lot of information. Gervonta Davis hasn't talked freely about his relationship and doesn't share much information about his personal life. It is very challenging to confirm any information concerning his personal life.

Gervonta Davis and his girlfriend Yaya.Gervonta Davis and his girlfriend Yaya.
Source: Celebs Fortune

The couple, Tank and Yaya witnessed a horrific incident when they were purportedly detained by US authorities. The duo was photographed by numerous bystanders, and as they were being held by police, they didn't appear to be concerned. They were, however, laughing. This news story generated numerous headlines across the globe. However, why the couple was detained at the time is still not known to date.

Some still wonder if the 28-year-old boxer and Yaya are still dating. Well, the couple broke up long ago and there's not much information on Tank's personal life but it's safe to say they are not dating in 2023.

Who Is Gervonta Davis Dating in 2023? How Many Relationships Has He Been in Till Date?

As of 2023, Tank Davis has 2 children and is currently dating Vanessa Posso (@itsrgnessa), an Instagram influencer, a businesswoman, and the owner of the jewelry brand RichGirlz. The couple shares a daughter, Giovanna Thalia, and Vanessa is the mother of Davis’ second child. Posso and Davis currently get along well, but in 2020, when Posso accused Davis of attacking her, things were different.

Just 11 days before his fight with Hector Garcia, the WBA Lightweight Champion was arrested by the police following the claims. Vannesa Posso eventually dropped the accusations, though. Later, she declared on Instagram that Davis had not harmed her or her daughter. Later, when Tank and Hector squared off, Davis prevailed once more.

Gervonta Davis and Vanessa Posso.Gervonta Davis and Vanessa Posso.
Source: Celebs Fortune

Before dating Vanessa Posso, Gervonta Davis dated several women. The mother of his first child, Gervanni Davis, and the first woman he ever dated is Andretta Smothers. After the boxer publicly assaulted Smothers during a basketball game, the couple briefly dated. Smothers demanded child support during their split since she was unemployed, and the court permitted Davis to see his daughter.

In 2019, Tank Davis was seen dating Ariana Fletcher, who soon rose to fame online. Unfortunately, the pair split up after experiencing ups and downs in their relationship.

After splitting with Fletcher, Davis gained media attention for dating Yaya, the ex-girlfriend of his mentor Floyd Mayweather. Yaya was constantly in the news as Mayweather's ex-girlfriend, which brought Tank Davis with her. Davis and Yaya broke up before he started seeing Vanessa Posso, even though their relationship doesn't have a legal standing.

Aillen Giellsele, Dretta Star, and Dess Dior are just a few of the Instagram models whom several stories allege Gervonta Davis dated. Davis, unfortunately, maintained such relationships a secret, so there is sufficient disclosure.

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