Is Chanel West Coast Transgender? Was She Born a Boy?

Apr 6, 2023 @ 13:31 EDT
Is Chanel West Coast Transgender? Was She Born a Boy?

No, Chanel West Coast is not transgender & she was not born a boy. Following the display of a collage picture of Minkus, aka Lee Norris, speculations about her being transgender began. Looking at her dating history, Chanel West Coast has been linked to some well-known celebrities. She is currently in a relationship with Dom Fenison, with whom she has a daughter.

Millions of fans frequently use Google to learn about Chanel West Coast's gender and sexual orientation. She was once thought to be transgender. Being in the spotlight frequently results in baseless accusations, so one must develop a thick skin to deal with the situation. The American TV personality has been the subject of numerous online allegations. Is she transgender? Was she born a boy? Continue reading to find out her gender and relationship status.

No, Chanel West Coast Is Not Transgender & She Was Not Born a Boy

No, Chanel West Coast (@chanelwestcoast) is not transgender & she was not born a boy. She was born a woman and has always been a woman. She is currently in a relationship with Dom Fenison with whom she shares a daughter. Her boyfriend has also appeared in her Vinyl music video. They started dating after being friends for about five years. Chanel and Dom's first child Bowie Breeze was born on November 2, 2022.

The transgender story of the television personality is fascinating. After a collage picture of Minkus, aka, Lee Norris who played the nerd on Boy Meets World. Chanel was displayed next to her picture, and speculations about her being transgender began.

The collage photo of Minkus, aka Lee Norris and Chanel West Coast.The collage photo of Minkus, aka Lee Norris and Chanel West Coast.
Source: Snopes

In 2015, a widely circulated meme claimed that Norris had male-to-female reassignment surgery to become Chanel West Coast. Meanwhile, Lee Norris is still alive and well, working as a male actor. He appeared in two episodes of The Walking Dead in 2017.

Even though it was a joke, many people believed it. Despite some similarities, Chanel and Lee Norris are two distinct individuals with significant age differences. Some websites spread the photo and spread rumors that she was a man. However, the musician responded on Twitter, claiming that she was not Minkus on the show. She even threatened to sue the websites that spread false information about her.

The 34-year-old rapper added that she was hurt by dispelling the transgender rumors because she felt she had let down some of the kids who approached her and said they could relate to her, believing she was transgender. She stated that she can laugh at the situation and has made numerous jokes about it. Whether you think the meme is funny or not, she provided a painful reminder that fake news has real consequences for its readers.

Chanel West Coast's transgender rumors were proven false when Chanel herself stated that it was all a misunderstanding and a completely false rumor and accusation. The rapper went on to say that she has always been a girl and that she and Lee Norris are very different people. However, you may notice that Lee and Chanel have strikingly similar features although they are two distinct people. The fact that they are both so young proves that this rumor was completely false.

People were curious about Chanel West Coast's dating history after transgender rumors surfaced. Looking at her relationship history, Chanel has been linked to some well-known celebrities. Despite rumors of flings or relationships with several celebrities, the singer has only had two public relationships. At 19, she dated a 21-year-old Saul Garcia. In 2007, he was killed in a double homicide while walking to a recording studio with his best friend, Kevin Deville.

Chanel West Coast's most publicized relationship was with Liam Horne. The couple was together from 2014 to 2017. Meanwhile, the couple was never afraid to flaunt their love for one another and frequently shared love-filled social media photos. On several red carpet occasions, they were also photographed all over each other. However, just as things appeared to be going well, the couple announced their split in 2017.

Other than this, the Vinyl singer is said to have dated Solo Lucci near the end of 2017 after splitting from Liam Horne. The couple appeared together on the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. However, Chanel didn't reveal their affair was a sham until more than two years later. She insisted it was never a thing and was only for the show's plot.

Additionally, on Ridiculousness, Chanel and Rob Dyrdek have such great chemistry that fans assumed the two were dating. Meanwhile, they were a good match because they had been on the show for over ten years and 20 seasons. Those rumors are false because they never dated. Furthermore, the rapper was rumored to have dated Dyrdek's cousin, Chris Pfaff. Even though the couple appeared to be dating on television, their relationship was never confirmed.

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