Is Christina Trevanion Pregnant? 2023 Update!

Apr 9, 2023 @ 11:13 EDT
Is Christina Trevanion Pregnant? 2023 Update!

Christina Trevanion is not pregnant. She is not expecting a child in 2023, as evidenced by her recent photos, which show no sign of a baby bump. She already has two daughters with her husband Aaron Dean. She keeps her married life private, and she has yet to reveal the names of her children to the public.

If you're a fan of antique shows, we're sure you've come across Christina Trevanion. She has become a regular on shows like Bargain Hunt, Antiques Road Trip, and Flog It! in recent years. The 41-year-old British auctioneer/TV personality has amassed a massive fan following over the years, and BBC viewers are wondering if she is pregnant. Is this true? Follow this article to know if Christina Trevanion is expecting a child in 2023.

Christina Trevanion Is Not Pregnant Because Her Recent Photos Show No Indication of a Baby Bump

Christina Trevanion (@christinatrevanion) is rumored to be pregnant, but research indicates that this is not the case. She is not expecting a baby in 2023. Her recent photos show no indication of a baby bump. She shares two daughters with her husband Aaron Dean. The mother of two lovely daughters frequently tweets about her experiences with her daughters. She is very private about her children, and she has yet to reveal their names to the public or the media.

Christina Trevanion keeps her personal life hidden from the public.Christina Trevanion keeps her personal life hidden from the public.
Source: Instagram

The 41-year-old antique expert's only known information is that she is a married woman with two children. She tries to keep her personal life private, and little is known about her marriage. She has kept her relationship hidden from the public and the press. As a result, there is little to no information about being pregnant. We can only guess and hope that she has a good time in either case.

On December 6, 2020, the BBC presenter and expert auctioneer shocked her followers by tweeting about divorce on her social media account. As a result, rumors about the British expert auctioneer's marital status began to circulate. Many of her followers reacted to the contentious tweet in the comments section. Despite this, her fans never stopped cheering for her. Some fans even misinterpreted the tweet and left positive comments on the post. Meanwhile, the couple is still going strong at present.

The English auctioneer is a very private person when it comes to her personal life. She has yet to make an official statement about being pregnant. She may be expecting a kid but doesn't want to share with anyone. Or maybe she is not expecting a kid. We have to wait until she opens up about her pregnancy.

Christina Trevanion’s Parents and Early Life

Christina Trevanion (b. June 12, 1981) hails from Shropshire, England. Her parents are David and Hazel Trevanion. Even though her mother was a florist by trade, she was also a collector of antiques. Her father passed away in 2013. She was raised with her two sisters, Nicola and Morwenna. Moreover, her sister Nicola is suffering from Down Syndrome. Her passion for antiques and auctions began at a young age when she would accompany her parents to auctions.

The television personality then contacted a family friend who worked as an auctioneer at the local market fair and began researching antiques and auctions. She went on to pursue a degree in Fine Art Valuation at Southampton Solent University, where she met Aaron Dean. Trevanion & Dean Auctioneers, their auction house in Whitchurch, Shropshire, was founded by them both. Christina has now taken sole ownership of the company. Christina has worked for some of the most prestigious auction houses in the United Kingdom. Christie's, Halls, and Hansons were among them.

In addition, Christina Trevanion is an enthusiastic philanthropist who frequently gives talks and lectures to local groups and organizes charity auctions. She specializes in gold and silver jewelry, 20th-century decorative arts, costumes, textiles, and ceramics, and has also appeared on reality television. She has appeared on a number of television shows, including BBC One's Bargain Hunt, Antiques Road Trip, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and Flog It!

Christina Trevanion posing behind the camera on the sets of Bargain Hunt.
Christina Trevanion posing behind the camera on the sets of Bargain Hunt.
Source: Instagram

Moreover, the British auctioneer was elected as a Fellow of the National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers in 2018. Fellows are only given to the country's most qualified and experienced auctioneers. Trevanion is not only an antique expert, but she is also an expert in jewelry. She is a member of the Arts Society as well as the Society of Jewellery Historians. Her other areas of expertise include silver, ceramics, glass, and paintings. Despite her love of antiques of all shapes and sizes, Christina Trevanion has a soft spot for 18th-century teapots and 1970s glass objects.

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